Principal Support

Because of the belief that those closest to students have the greatest impact on their success, Louisiana has focused its efforts over the last several years to empower principals in their role as instructional leaders through numerous support structures such as the Principal Fellowship and Compass.

Successful principals lead their schools through the Compass tool as they:

Set Academic Improvement Goals
& the Direction of the School

Improve Instruction

In order to put more decision making power in the hands of principals, BESE made changes to Compass policies in 2015 to better empower and support principals as the leaders of their schools.

In addition, the Department helps principals develop their skills as instructional leaders by providing two distinct categories of support:

1. Tools and resources support educators with decision making and empowerment as they lead their schools.

    2. Direct support initiatives target school-wide structures and skill development of current and future leaders. The Department provides districts with an opportunity to apply for funding to think through their plans to support principals now and into the future. View more information about the grant opportunity and the two direct support initiatives.