End-of-Course Tests

High school students take End-of-Course tests in six subjects: Algebra I, Geometry, English II and III, Biology and U.S. History.

Student scores are categorized into the following achievement levels on the End-of-Course tests:

  • Excellent: A student demonstrates superior performance of the course content.
  • Good: A student demonstrates mastery of course content and is well prepared for the next level of coursework in the subject.
  • Fair: A student demonstrates only the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for the next level of coursework in the subject.
  • Needs Improvement: A student does not demonstrate the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for the next level of coursework in the subject.

End-of-Course tests comprise between 15% and 30% of the student’s final grade in the subject. School districts determine the percentage. For students who were eligible for the LEAP Alternate Assessment, Level 2 (LAA 2) prior to taking their first End-of-Course exam, the End-of-Course exam score counts for 5% of their final grade.

To earn a standard high school diploma, students must earn a score of Fair or above on three End-of-Course tests, including one in each category– Algebra I or Geometry, English II or English III, and Biology or U.S. History. Students who earn a score of Needs Improvement must receive 30 hours of remediation in the course and are eligible to retake the test at the next administration.

Students with disabilities who have passed two End-of-Course tests may be eligible for a waiver of the third exam required for graduation. Also, students eligible for LAA 2 may choose to take the LAA 2 tests to meet graduation requirements if they do not pass the End-Of-Course tests.

EOC Assessment Guides

The Assessment Guides illustrate the test design and include resources and administration policies for the End-of-Course assessments.

2014-2015 Assessment Guidance English II
2014-2015 Assessment Guidance English III
2014-2015 Assessment Guidance Algebra I
2014-2015 Assessment Guidance Geometry
2014-2015 Assessment Guidance Biology
2014-2015 Assessment Guidance US History

Interpretive Guide
Technical Reports
Test Results