Louisiana’s Guidebooks

For the 2016-2017 school year, the Louisiana Department of Education released updated Guidebooks to provide educators a simple reference guide for state policies and planning tools. To view one of the guidebooks, please click the picture below.

School System Planning Guide

High School Planning Guide

2015 Student Privacy Guide Button

Librarian Guidebook

Pre-K through Third Grade Guidebook

Believe & Prepare Toolkit Button

Each guidebook provides practitioners with detailed information on state policies, statewide programs, and access to tools that help individual educators achieve goals with their students. The intent of publishing the guidebooks is not, however, for every school or school district to adopt all of the items they contain. Rather, the guidebooks provide a variety of options for use in theschool system, unique plans each school system and school should have for itself and its students.

There is no one plan for each student’s life. Likewise, each teacher needs different supports, and each school has goals all its own. Louisiana Believes starts with the idea that those closest to students – parents, teachers, and administrators – should be trusted to determine the best path for children. The Louisiana Guidebooks are tools for them to use in carrying out that most important of missions.