Aligning Financial Resources

The District Planning Guide provides more details on each of the following milestones.

Use of Funds

The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) is committed to helping LEAs use federal and state dollars more flexibly. Provided below are the available Department resources.

Use of Funds Resources

  • Info-Graphics demonstrate how available grant funds can support academic priorities

  • Schoolwide guidance explains the criteria for implementing a Title I School-wide program and additional flexibility benefits.

  • Program Specific Guidance provides specific information on the requirements of each federal grant program; it also provides details on how LEAs can consolidate federal funds and eliminate some compliance requirements. Scheduled for release March 2014.

  • Unified Application has been expanded to include new programs for SY2014-15. All new grant allocations will be awarded through the Unified Application, scheduled for release May 2014.

LDOE Support

  • Points of Contact and Networks work in partnership to answer programmatic questions and support the alignment of federal funds to priorities

  • Managing Risk LDOE’s goal is to provide opportunities for flexible use of federal funds while ensuring Louisiana’s LEAs are in compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations. We do this through an internal controls process.

Managing Grant Funds

Unified Application Reports provides more detailed information on how LEAs are currently spending grant funds.

Applying for additional grant opportunities

In order to support LEAs in achieving their academic priorities, the following grant opportunities are currently available:

E-RATE – funds used to support technology enhancements

Grant opportunities at ed.govfunds available directly to districts from the U.S. Department of Education

Grant opportunities at – funds available directly to districts from the Federal Government