Pathway to College + Career

The District Planning Guide provides more details on each of the following milestones.

Milestone: Participate in an early childhood network

Milestone: Plan for promotion policies and transitional 9th grade
  • Fourth grade promotion policy guidance provides considerations for revisions to Pupil Progression Plans as BESE has authorized local school systems to issue waivers for first-time fourth grade students who do not achieve the passing standard on LEAP, but who demonstrate readiness to progress to fifth grade.

  • Transitional 9th Grade Policy Guidance provides considerations for schools and districts as they identify the students in need, plan for student supports, plan the student’s academic pathway, and evaluate student growth and develop next steps for 8th grade students who do not achieve the passing standard on LEAP, but who would benefit from pursuing grade-level work while receiving remediation on a high school campus.

  • Sample template to amend district pupil progression plans that districts may choose to use to update their pupil progression plans.

Milestone: Expand high school course options

  • Advanced Placement® offers students the opportunity to earn college credit in high school by taking rigorous courses and demonstrating mastery.

  • Course Choice allows students to customize selection of core academic, college-preparatory, and career training courses through approved course providers.

  • Dual Enrollment offers simultaneous enrollment at both high school and college in which a student receives credit on both transcripts for the same course.

  • HiSET® from ETS replaces the GED® test as the high school equivalency test beginning January 1, 2014.

  • Individual Student Support Planning for College & Career Readiness provides comprehensive guidance for counselors and students in planning for college and career readiness, including individual graduation plans, support tools, and requirements for graduation, scholarships, and admissions.

  • International Baccalaureate® allows students to enroll in full-time IB® with six courses in which mastery of end-of-course exams earn college credit.
  • Jump Start Career Education is LA’s new program for collaboration among stakeholders to provide workplace experiences and career choices to high school students.