School Leader + Teacher Learning Targets

The District Planning Guide provides more details on each of the following milestones.

Milestone: Ensure all assessments used to establish student learning targets are aligned to standards

  • Instructional Resource Reviews support districts with curricular choices by providing an informal review of digital materials submitted by providers.

Milestone: Ensure all teachers establish goals that are ambitious yet attainable for their students

  • Student Learning Targets - coming

  • Student Learning Target Template - coming

  • Guidance on SLT Setting - coming

  • Goal-Setting Training Modules - coming

Milestone: Ensure all school leaders establish goals that are ambitious yet attainable for their schools

  • Compass Library files provide resources for goal setting, such as data sheets for school leaders and sample grade- and subject-specific SLTs.

  • School Report Cards are issued each year and are based on student achievement data.

  • Accountability Webinar provided to ensure all schools and districts understand what student performance makes up the SPS, the policy associated with SPS calculations, and school letter grades.

  • Student Achievement Results provide historical data helpful to leaders in making decisions about goals.