Student Achievement Results

School Letter Grades are based on the state’s key measures of student learning. School Report Cards are a summary of Letter Grades and School Performance Scores (SPS). To assist LEAs with understanding and calculating 2013-14 school and district performance, the Department has created a number of resources:

K-6 Calculation


K-8 Calculation


High School Credits Earned by End of Freshman Year

  • 4th and 9th Grade OTOL Cohort Tracker: Contact Network 

9-12 Calculation


  • Explore and Plan Scores and ACT Reporting Package Workbook: Contact Network

  • ACT CD of reports: Contact


Graduation Rate

  • 9th Grade Graduation Support Profile: Contact Network

  • 9th grade OTOL Cohort Tracker: Contact Network

  • Graduation Cohort Tracker: Contact Network

Quality of Diploma

  • AP Potential Report: Contact Network

  • AP Training Opportunities for Teacher Certification: Contact Network