Year-Long Scope + Sequence Resources 


  • Sample Year Plans
    • English Language Arts/Literacy
    • Mathematics

K-12 Arts

  • Standards
  • Curriculum Guides

K-12 English Language Arts/Literacy

  • Sample Year Plans 
  • Guidebooks 
    • K-2 ELA Louisiana Guidebook
    • 3-5 ELA Louisiana Guidebook
    • 6-8 ELA Louisiana Guidebook
    • High School ELA Louisiana Guidebook
  • Other Guidance
    • ELA K-12 Text Set List
    • Locating Texts for Classroom Use
    • How to Create a Text Set for Whole Class Instruction K-12
    • How to Determine Text Complexity Grades K-12

K-12 Mathematics

  • Sample Year Plans
  • Guidebooks – Sample instructional tasks, scaffolding guidance, practice items
    • K-2 Math Louisiana Guidebook
    • 3-5 Math Louisiana Guidebook
    • 6-8 Math Louisiana Guidebook
    • High School Math Louisiana Guidebook
  • Other Guidance
    • Math Planning Resources from Other States and Organizations

K-12 Science

  • Standards
  • Instructional Tasks by Grade
  • Curriculum Guides

K-12 Social Studies

  • Standards
  • Instructional Guides

Note on Printing Guidebooks

All of the Louisiana Guidebooks are interactive documents, but may be downloaded and printed with your preferred method. For convenience, the Department has provided reprint forms for every guidebook via State Printing. You may download a form below, provide quantity and contact information, and send electronically to with State Printing for an accurate quote. There is no minimum or maximum quantities, but please be aware that cost per book decreases with larger requests.