Spring 2014 Field Test

In Spring 2015, students in grades 3-8 will be taking a new math and ELA assessment. Any time our assessments change in Louisiana, the Department conducts a field test of potential items that will be used on the final assessment. This field test helps to identify appropriate items and helps to ensure the state develops the best assessment possible. The field test will take place in two phases:

Phase I:  March 24-April 11 

Phase II: May 5-May 30

In preparation for the field test, the Department will be sharing a set of trainings and resources to support districts.

Information Sessions

The Department has hosted a series of training sessions for district and school level staff. 

Test Administration Tools

PARCC Field Test Checklist for online testing and paper testing

Pearson Access

Pearson Access User Guide

User Roles and Permissions

The Field Test Support Resources 

The Test Coordinator's Guide

Student, Parent and Educator Tools

Sample Student Items

(in order to use these please make sure you check the technology specifications listed here.)  

Tutorial for learning to navigate the sample items

Accessibility and Accommodations

Guide to Accommodations and Accessibility Features

Descriptors for Accommodations and Accessibility Features

Technology Tools

Site readiness tool

System check tool

Proctor caching user guide

Test Nav8 Requirements

Assessing readiness using Pearson tools

Full technology specifications for the field test