Teacher Leader Collaboration Materials

2019 Teacher Leader Summit

2019 TL Summit Overview Download
2019 TL Summit Session Application Download

September 2018 Teacher Leader Collaborations

2017-2018 LEAP 2025 Results - Explore the Data Download
Believe and Prepare - Educator Preparation (September 2018) Download
Content Leader and Mentor Teacher Distinction Download
EC R2 Supporting Improvement for Low Performing Early Childhood Sites Download
EC R3 The Challenges Ahead Download
ELP for Collabs Sept 2018 Download
eScholar DirectMatch September Collaborations Download
eScholar Uniq-ID Download
First Year DTC and Accountability Contacts 2018 Download
High School Graduation Pathways and Credentials Download
Implementation of TS GOLD to Monitor Early Childhood Outcomes (OSEP) Download
Increasing Student Access to Financial Aid Planning (1) Download
K-2 Pilot Tools Download
LDE Tools and Resources 101 Download
LEAP 360 Updates and Resources Download
LEAP 360_Assessment Inventory Download
Making Assistive Technology Heroes Download
Measuring Progress to English Language Proficiency Download
New Leap 2025 Science Assessments and Curricular Resources Download
Opening Session_September Collaborations_TLs Download
Policy Updates for 2018-2019 and School Report Card Preview and Planning - Sept Collab Download
Quality Implementation of Mentor Teachers and Content Leaders (1) Download
Sept2018 TL Collab Agenda -Harvey-Sept13 Download
Sept2018 TL Collab Agenda -Ruston-Sept18 Download
Sept2018 TL Collab Agenda - EBR-Sept10 Download
Sept2018 TL Collab Event Overview Download
September Collaboration_ELPS Test Administrator Overview and Training Download
SER Data System Download
sheets - Sept2018Preparation Provider-EBR-Sept10 Download
sheets - Sept2018Preparation Provider-EBR-Sept17 Download
sheets - Sept2018Preparation Provider-Harvey Download
sheets - Sept2018Preparation Provider-Ruston Download
sheets - Sept2018TLCollab-EBR Download
sheets - Sept2018TLCollab-Harvey Download
sheets - Sept2018TLCollab-Ruston Download
Social Studies Companion Documents Download
SPC and SIS Data Submissions Download
STEM Diploma Pathways Download
Students with Significant Disabilities_ Eligibility and Instructional Supports Download
Teacher Leadership Roles_ Content Leaders and Mentor Teachers Download
The Intersection of Quality IGPs and The New Career Readiness Course Download
The Role of High-Quality Curricula in Teacher Preparation Download
Using the Curriculum Implementation Observation Tools - September 2018 Supervisor Collaboration Download
Using the School Performance Score Calculator Download

2018 Teacher Leader Summit

2018 App Overview Download
2018 Session Summit List Download
2018 Summit Final Logistics Memo Download
2018 TL Summit Agenda Download
2018 TL Summit Overview Download
2018 TL Summit Registration Instruction Download
2018 TL Summit Session Application Download

2018 Teacher Leader Summit Registration Data

Day 1 - May 30 Download
Day 2 - May 31 Download
Day 3 - June 1 Download

Teacher Leader Advisors

Teacher Leader Advisors 2018-2019 Download

Teacher Leader Summit Posters

Acute Angle Download
Biologists Take CELLfies Download
Complimentary Colors Download
It Was Tense Download
Orcastra Download
Plymouth Rock Download
Space Party Download
Stroke of Genius Download
Teachers - Chalk-Full of Knowledge Download
Will Power Download

Teacher Leader Archives

January 2016 Teacher Leader Collaboration Download
November 2015 Teacher Leader Collaboration Download
September 2015 Teacher Leader Collaboration Download
January 2015 Teacher Leader Collaboration Event Download
2015 Teacher Leader Summit Logistics Materials Download
2015 Teacher Leader Summit Pre-Registered Sessions Download
2015 Teacher Leader Summit First Come, First Serve Sessions Download

Eureka Teacher Institute

sheet Eureka Teacher Institute - Nov1-EBR Download
sheet Eureka Teacher Institute - Oct25-Bossier Download
sheet Eureka Teacher Institute - Dec13-EBR Download
sheet Eureka Teacher Institute - Oct27-Ruston Download

Louisiana Connectors Training

- Aug2-EBR - LA Connectors Training Download
- Ruston-Aug1- LA Connectors Training Download
NOLA-Aug3-LA Connectors Training Download

Science Training

BiologyScienceTraining-July10-Alexandria Download
BiologyScienceTraining-July10-EBR Download
BiologyScienceTraining-July11-Alexandria Download
BiologyScienceTraining-July11-EBR Download
BiologyScienceTraining-July12-Alexandria Download
BiologyScienceTraining-July12-EBR Download
BiologyScienceTraining-July9-Alexandria Download
BiologyScienceTraining-July9-EBR Download
BiologyScienceTraining-November13-Ouachita Parish Download
BiologyScienceTraining-November15-BR Download
GreatMindsScience-EBR Jul25 Download
GreatMindsScience-EBR Jul26 Download
GreatMindsScience-EBR Jul30-A Download
GreatMindsScience-EBR Jul30-B Download
GreatMindsScience-Pineville-Aug1 Download
GreatMindsScience-Pineville-Aug2 Download
Teacher Leader Advisors 2018-2019 Download

General Logistics

ULM Campus map Download
SC Bossier Hotel and Restaurants Download
SC TL Jefferson Hotel and Restaurants Download
Ruston Area Hotels and Restaurants Download
SC TL Lafayette Hotels and Restaurants Download
Baton Rouge Area Hotels and Restaurants Download
Crowley Area Hotels and Restaurants Download
Ouachita Area Hotels and Restaurants Download
Natchitoches Hotel and Restaurants Download
Thibodaux Hotel and Restaurants Download
Lake Charles Hotels and Restaurants Download

2018 Teacher Leader Summit Materials

A003-Head Heart and Habits Download
A004- Theory of DLS Download
A005- Teach More Meaningful English_GM_WW Download
A006- ELED Joy and Rigor Download
A007- ARC Foundational Skills Can_t Wait Download
A008- ARC IRLA Your Entire Literacy Block Download
A011-Literacy 2020-1 Download
A012-Louisiana Science Connectors for SWSDs Overview - 1 Download
A013- LEAP 360 Teacher Guide Download
A014- Using Measures of Student Progress to Strengthen Practice and Increase Learning Download
A016- Engaging HS Students in Teaching Download
A017- Maximizing Partnerships btwn Prep Providers and School Systems Download
A018-A Place at the Table-1 Download
A019- Build a Cadre of Educators in Every School-1 Download
A021 - Alternative Education Redesign - 3 Download
A022-Overcoming Racism as the Antidote to the Achievement Gap-1 Download
A023-Responding to Behavioral Outliers in the Classroom-1 Download
A024- LEAP Connect High School Overview Download
A025-Math Assessment Make the Case 3-5 Download
A026-Math Assessment Make the Case 6-8 Download
A027-Math Assessment Make the Case A1-GM Download
A028 Social Studies Assessment Results Make the Case. Download
A028_A029 Social Studies Assessment Results Make the Case Download
A029 Social Studies Assessment Results Make the Case. Download
A031 New LEAP 2025 Grades 3-8 Science Biology Assessment Overview Download
A033-ELA Assessment Results Make Case_Grades 3-5 Download
A034-ELA Assessment Results Make Case_Grades 6-10 Download
A036- English Learner Screener Download
A037-Facilitator EL Modules Training-1 Download
A038- Aligning Connectors for ELs Lesson Design- 1 Download
A039- Intro to Connectors for ELs-1 Download
A040- ARC We Know Guidebooks Download
A041- Scaffolding GB with Read_Write Download
A042- The Writing Revolution Summit 2018 Download
A043- Diverse Learners ELA Guidebooks Kurzweil 3000 Handouts Download
A044- IgnitingThePowerOfFamilies Download
A045- CommonLit Scaffolding Instruction Through Close Reading Download
A046-Launch Eureka Agenda Download
A047 - Whats Your Function Download
A049-K-2 Assessment Guidance -1 Download
A050-KEA-DRDP-K Download
A051-Connecting Student Work Math Download
A054- Solving the Problem of Equality- 1 Download
A055- Intro to Ready LA Math use - 1 Download
A056- Introduction to JUMP Math- 2 Download
A057- Implementing Illustrative Math LearnZillion Download
A059-Using the new companion docs Download
A061-Thinking Outside of the Book- 1 Download
A062- MATH Making Assistive Technology Heroes Download
A063- PartneringWithYourParentCenter Download
A066- Meaningful CCR Experiences in Sr Yr Download
A067-K-2 CLASS Introduction-1 Download
A068- LEAP 360 Overview Download
A070- LEAP 360 ELA Download
A071- LEAP 360 Math Download
A072- Navigating the RFP Process 21st CCLC -1 Download
A073- The Advantages of An Alternative Learning Environment to Re-engage At-Risk Students-1 Download
A074-Using Pop Culture To Increase Students_ Academic Engagement and Promote Social and Emotional Growth-1 (2) Download
A075- The Power of Partnerships to Provide Enhanced Support and Services to Students-1 Download
A076- CareerReadinessPilot- 1 Download
A077 - Freshman Year for Free-1 Download
A079- March2Success-1 Download
A080- High School Policy Planning and Preparation-1 Download
A081- YCP- 1 Download
A082-Leveraging Mentor Teachers-1 Download
A085- Curricular Chaos and the Data Story Download
A086- Score Big put support staff in game- 1 Download
A087- TeacherLibrarians- 1 Download
A088- Using Technology to Differentiate Professional Development-1 Download
A089- Your School’s Goals and the School Counselor Compass Rubric-1 Download
A090-Overcoming Cultural Obstacles to Drive Student Achievement-1 Download
A091- Deliberately Addressing Student Growth to Mastery Download
A092- Teaching Together Download
A093- Teachers Serving Teachers Download
A094- The Leader Within Download
A098- The Power of Realtionships in Engaging Students and Teachers Download
A099- Using Social Media to Sell Your School Download
A100- James Ward ES Super Learners - 1 Download
A101- MakerspacesWhatWhy- 1 Download
A102-ResearchBasedInterventionsforUnderpreparedAlgStudents Download
A105- ELPT Results and Instruction-1 Download
E002_CCAP Basics for Providers Download
E008_Tools to Improve EC TC Interactions Download
E009_ Strategies to Develop EC Coaching Programs Download
E010- A Roadmap for EC Education Success Download
E011_Child Count 101 Download
E012_Why Coordinated Enrollment is Important Download
E014_Oh the Places They_ll Go Download
E015_Infant and EC Mental Health Download
E016_Pathways to Excellence for Toddler Classrooms Download
E017_Engaging 360 Early Childhood Download
E018_St Tammany EC Path to Excellence Download
E019_12 Tips for Pre-K Download
E021_Growing Your CLASS Scores Download
E023_From AP to Excellent-A Rural Network Download
E024_Purposeful Planning to Increase CLASS Scores Download
E026_The New CCCBC Download
E027_Abrams DIG Demo Lessons for 3s and 4s Download
E028_Children_s Literacy Initiative Demo Lessons for 3s and 4s Download
E029_Frog Street Demo Lessons for Infants Download
E030_Frog Street Demo Lesson for Toddler Download
E031_Frog Street Demo Lesson for Threes Download
E032_Frog Street Demo Lesson for PreK Download
E035_Pearson OWL Demo Lessons for 3s and 4s Download
E040_Early Childhood Data Certification Download
E041_Six Building Blocks of EC Family Engagement Download
E043_EC Ancillary Certificate Download
E046_Early Childhood Improvement Strategies Download
E049_Responsive Caregiving and the ELDS-3 Download
E050_Creating Meaningful Opportunities Download
E052_Talking to Learn Download
E053_Growth Mindset Feedback Download
E054_Learning Language Download
E055_Five Generations Download
E056_3 Ts of Quality Feedback Download
E057_Making CLASS Work Download
E058_Together We Will Grow Download
E067- Connecting the Dots Download
E068- Classibration- 1 Download
E069_Keep Your CLASS Lens Clear! Download
E07_Exploring Quality in Infant Classrooms Download
E072__Words That Make Them Say WOW Download
E073 Build A Box Workshop for Early Childhood Download
S001 - School Redesign Plans - Implementation Tools and Support Download
S002- Open-Up-Resources-The-New-Free-Curricula-Topping-the-Review-Charts Download
S004- CKLAInAction Download
S005- LEAP 360 District Guide Download
S006 compass and princ goal setting-1 Download
S007-Becoming an Effective Mentor Teacher-1 Download
S008-Understand and Use Educator Workforce Data Download
S009- LearnZillionGB Whats the Value Added Presentation Download
S010- Strategic Implementation of ELA Guidebooks Download
S011 - Eureka Principal Institute Download
S013 - Leading Zearn Math Implementation for your District - 1 Download
S014 - Zearn Math Overview for Administrators - 1 Download
S019-Democratizing the DBQ sup-20180510T190338Z-001 Download
S020-GL Facilitating an integrated-doc1 Download
S021- Professional Juggling Act SS Content in Literacy Block Download
S022_The Choices Program-20180510T180453Z-001 Download
S024- Maximizing the Impact Elem Math Content Leaders Download
S025- Maximizing the Impact Sec Math Content Leaders Download
S030- What's New in Louisiana's School and School System Accountability Policies Download
S034-ASCA National Model-1 Download
S035-JAG-LA 2018-2019 Supervisor Principal-1 Download
S036- MIC3- 1 Download
S037- Meeting School Workforce Needs Download
S038-Meeting Workforce Needs- Struggling and High Needs Download
S040- Big Ideas to Increase Student Success-1 Download
S041 - Using Situational Leadership to Coach Effective Instruction Download
S042- Change the Conversation Change the Culture-1 Download
S042- Change the Conversation Change the Culture-1 (1) Download
S042- Change the Conversation Change the Culture-1(1) Download
S043- Science Standards Implementation One Districts Journey Download
S044- School Counselors School Safety Download
S045- Chronic Absence Download
S050 - ESSA School Level Reporting Requirement Download
S050 - ESSA School Level Reporting Requirement PDF Download
T001- A Deeper Dive Download
T002- SpotlightOnSkills Download
T003- StudentsAtTheCenter Download
T004- WhyKnowledgeMatters Download
T005-Implementing Eureka-Intensive Algebra I with Eureka Download
T008- 2018 Summit Algebra 1 Intensive Quick Start Institute Agenda at a Glance - doc 1 Download
T009- Louisiana Phenomena Download
T010- Using Science Scope _ Sequence 3-5 Download
T011-Louisiana Connectors for SWSDs Train the Trainer-1 Download
T012-Implementing the Statistical Reasoning Course Download
T013- Supporting Readers Download
T017-Using Science Scope _ Sequence K-2 Download
T018-Using Science Scope _ Sequence Biology Download
T019-Using Science Scope _ Sequence Physical Science Download
T021- Gr3-5 Engaging Students in Math Download
T022- Gr6-8 Engaging Students in Math Download
T023- Gr9-12 Engaging Students in Math Download
T026- Eureka Focus on Fluency Download
T027- Foundations to MS and HS Math Download
T028- Eureka Foundations to Fractions Download
T029- 3-5 Foundational Math Download
T031 - SpringBoard Math Building Literacy Skills in the Math Classroom Agenda at a Glance - doc 1 Download
T032 -Engaging Math Students in Higher-Order Thinking Participant Booklet - Final - doc 1 Download
T033 - Classroom Implementation of Zearn Math - 1 Download
T034 - Zearn Math Overview for Teachers - 1 Download
T037- Mentor Teacher Training K-2 Reading Foundations Download
T038 - Using Science Scope _ Sequence 6-8 Download
T039-Lesson Planning Using the SAS Download
T042-Teaching the Tricentennial-doc1 Download
T043-Democratizing the DBQ tea-20180510T191753Z-001 Download
T044-GL Teaching with Docs-doc1 Download
T045- Power of Primary Sources- 1 Download
T046-Choices Program Teachers-20180510T180643Z-001 Download
T049- One Size Does Not Fit All-1 Download
T051- Sci Mystery Stories Download
T053- DiversifyingSecondaryELA Download
T054- Redefining Failure Download
T056- Stemifying Explorations in Math Download
T059-Are You Ready to Zearn-1 Download
T060- DuolingoForeignLanguage- 1 Download
T061-What Do I Do with a DBQ Download
T065- Mastery or Growth- 1 Download
T067- Strategies for Teaching the RST Download
T068- Strategies for Teaching the NWT Download
T069- Augmented Reality and the Atomic Model Download
T070- Nuts and Bolts of SBLC504 Process Download
T072- The 3 Cs of Writing Download
T073- SS Primary Secondary Sources Download
T074-Transformation with No Excuses-PLC Download
T075- Science Probes Download
T076- Complex and Deep Thinking An Approach to PBL - 1 Download
T077-Activities to Promote Career Development 1 Download
T079- Set the Stage for Student Engagement in K-5 Math (1) Download
T081- LATM Presents-Conceptual Understanding in the Mathematics Classroom Download
T082-Alternative Education Collaboration-1 Download
T084- Effective Literacy Strategies in Science Download
T085- Beyond the Script Engaging Math in a Scripted Classroom-1 Download
T087- Power of Place Download
T088- Shift Into Action to Support All SS Learners Download
T089- Effective Questioing - 1 Download
T091- Teaching Students to Interact w Texts Download
T092- Creating Engaging Assessments at the Classroom Level- 1 Download
T093-Transformation with NO Excuses-Teaching with Depth Download
T094-Did I Really Just Flip My Classroom Download
T095- ClassDojo Download
T096- Intentional Instruction and Closing Achievement Gap Download
T097- EquityChoiceThroughTier1Curriculum Download