Teacher Leader Collaboration Materials

2017 Teacher Leader Summit

2017 TL Summit Session Application Download
2017 TL Summit Overview Download
2017 Teacher Leaders Area Parking Map Download

January/February 2017 Teacher Leader Collaborations

Jan 2017 TL Collab Event Overview Download
Jan-Feb 2017 Tools for Math Educators Download
Jan-Feb 2017 Not Your Mama's Library Download
Jan-Feb 2017 Effective Lesson Planning with Eureka Download
Jan_Feb 2017 Science Download
Jan-2017 TL Collab Event Agenda - Harvey Download
Jan_Feb 2017 Social Studies Shifts TL Download
jan_feb-2017-ell-and-sped Download
JanFeb 2017 ELA PLCs Download
Ransom of Red Chief-1st 10 paragraphs Download
Ruston TL collaboration agenda Download
TTH_Assessment_CWT Download
TTH_Assessment_ET Download
JanFeb 2017 ELA PLCs Handouts Download
JanFeb 2017 ELA PLCs Download
JanFeb Teacher Leader Supervisor Sign In sheets Download
Jefferson Parish Harvey Teacher Leader Collab - onsite 1.31.2017 Download

Teacher Leader Advisor Application

Teacher Leader Advisor Flyer Download

December 2016 Virtual Teacher Leader Collaborations

Dec 2016 TL Virtual Collab Overview Download

September/October 2016 Teacher Leader Collaborations

On-Site Registration Attendance 2 - Baton Rouge - 9-19-2016 Download
September 2016 Teacher Leader Collaboration Event Overview Download
Digital Literacy for Teacher Leaders Download
Early Literacy Download
Grammar Session Download
Guide to Implementing Eureka Math Download
Instructional Material Reviews Download
Math Remediate Differentiate Focus Explore K-5 Download
Math Remediate Differentiate Focus Explore 6-12 Download
Remediation Tools with Khan Academy Download
Results and PLCs Download
SS Assessments for TL Download
Student Conversations Download
What's Up_ELA and Math Assessment System_TL Download
Unpacking Evidence-Primary Sources Download
On-Site Registration Attendance - Jefferson - 9-20-2016 Download
Attendance - Baton Rouge - 9-19-2016 Download
Attendance - Bossier - 9-14-2016 Download
Attendance - Jefferson - 9-20-2016 Download
Teacher Leader Attendance - Baton Rouge 10-3-2016 Download

2016 Teacher Leader Summit

Teacher Leader Summit Posters

App Download Directions Download
App Webinar for POCs Download
2016 TL Summit Overview Download
2016 Teacher Leaders Summit Program Download
2016 Teacher Leader Summit Session Agenda 5.16.16 Download
SRCL District Summit Sessions Download
LDOE On-Site Participant Sign-In Sheet - 6-1-2016 Download
LDOE On-Site Participant Sign-In Sheet - 6-2-2016 Download
LDOE On-Site Participant Sign-In Sheet - 6-3-2016 Download
Participant Sign-In Sheet - 6-1-2016 Download
Participant Sign-In Sheet - 6-2-2016 Download
Participant Sign-In Sheet - 6-3-2016. Download
Presenter Sign-In Sheet - 6-1-2016 Download
Presenter Sign-In Sheet - 6-2-2016 Download
Presenter Sign-In Sheet - 6-3-2016 Download
Staff Sign-In Sheet - 6-1-2016 Download
Staff Sign-In Sheet - 6-2-2016 Download
Staff Sign-In Sheet - 6-3-2016 Download
Superintendent Sign-In Sheet - 6-1-2016 Download
Superintendent Sign-In Sheet - 6-2-2016 Download
Superintendent Sign-In Sheet - 6-3-2016 Download
VIP Sign-In Sheet - 6-2-2016 Download
VIP Sign-In Sheet - 6-3-2016 Download
Eureka - Learning Slope via Rate not Rote Download
Eureka - Beyond the Algorithm Download
Eureka - Multiplicative Comparison Download
Eureka - Moving from Multiplicative Comparisons to Ratios Download
Eureka - Concrete to Abstract Download
Eureka - Functions for All Download
Eureka - Simplifying Strategies Download
Acute Angle Download
Biologists Take CELLfies Download
Complimentary Colors Download
It Was Tense Download
Orcastra Download
Plymouth Rock Download
Space Party Download
Stroke of Genius Download
Teachers - Chalk-Full of Knowledge Download
Will Power Download

2016 Teacher Leader Summit Materials

A012- Early Childhood Assessment Download
E018- Improving Quality of Feedback Download
S006- SPS 9-12 Download
S004- SPS Combination Download
S005- SPS 3-8 Download
E019- EC Ancillary Teaching Certificate Download
S009- Privacy vs Transparency Download
S026- School-Wide Goals in High Schools Download
S027- School-Wide Goals in K-8 Download
S031- School Vision Download
S032- Fellowship Download
S035- ADHD Download
S036- Understanding LEA Determinations Download
S037- Implementing Section 504 Download
T050- Numbers and Ops in Base Ten Download
T066- Ratios and Fractions Download
T071- Transformations Download
T072- Geometry Probability Download
T077- Polynomials Download
T080- Mathematical Modeling Download
T091- Numbers in Base Ten K2 Download
T092- Time and Money Download
T125- ADHD Goes to School Download
T130- Transition to Online Assessments Download
A001- ESSA Download
T109- Putting the E in STEM Download
T070- Similarity and Congruence Download
T067- What Story Does it Tell Download
T053- Multiplication and Division Download
T078- Practice Makes Perfect Download
T054- Place Value Download
T087- Addition and Subtraction Download
S039 Reforming HCS Grant Teacher Leader 2016 Download
A002- Understanding Poverty Download
A004- Coordinated System of Care Download
A005- Decrease Discipline Issues Download
A006- JumpStart Externships Download
A008- Model for Mentoring Download
A009- Standards Review Math Download
A010- JAG Download
A014- Green Schools Download
A015- Online Testing Download
E001- I Want to Enroll Download
E003- Sharing CLASS Data Effectively Download
E005- Good to Great Download
E009- Using Gold with Fidelity Download
E010- Integrating CLASS Download
E011- MyTeachingPartner Download
E013- What's Love Got Download
E014- Practical Strategies Download
E015- Strategies for Improving Download
E016- Two Birds One Stone Download
E017- Building Solid Foundations Download
E020- Relationships Sail Download
E021- Instructional Support Magnified Download
E022- Building Literacy Download
E023- Social Stories Download
E024- Building a Bridge Download
E025- How are You Connecting Download
E026- Effective Read Alouds Download
E027- Quality Feedback Download
E028- Encouragement and Affirmation Download
E029- Language is the Key Download
E030- Adapt Ability Download
E031- Diverse Delivery Download
S001- Managing Change Download
S002- Ready Set Coach Download
S003- All about the Student Download
S010- GB 2.0 Implementation Download
S011- Getting Started Guidebook Download
S012- Standards Review ELA Download
S013- SREB Leading Improvement Download
S017- EDGAR Download
S018- ESSA for Fed Programs Download
S019- Sounds of Math Download
S020- Zearn Admin Download
S021- Evaluations as a Process to Support Download
S022- Tell Me Something Good Download
S023- Using Reflective Conversations Download
S024- Quality SLT Process Download
S025- Using the Assess Index Download
S034- DBQ Project Download
S038- In It to WIN It Download
S040- Establishing Data Driven Download
S041- Building Partnerships that Enhance Download
S042- Creating Successful Internships Download
S043- Course Choice Download
S044- Chem or Carpentry Download
S045- Leaping into JumpStart Download
S046- ProACTive Download
S047- Strength in Numbers Download
S048- Elevating Teaching Profession Download
S049- Mentor Teachers Download
S050- Measuring What Matters Download
S051- Planning for Future Workforce Download
S052- Preparing New Tchrs w TAP Download
S053- Innovative Strategies Staffing Download
S054- Tchr Candidates Learn to Teach Download
S055- Gen Zen Download
S056- Train from Within Download
S057- Maximize Impact of TLs Download
S060- GB 2.0 Implementation Support Download
S061- Science Engagement Download
T001- Gone Google Download
T002- Speaking Their Language Download
T003- Stdnt Engagement Strat Download
T004- Caution Stdnt Work Download
T005- Building Literacy Skills Download
T006- GB 2.0 Overview Download
T007- Creating Classroom Assessments Download
T008- A Text-Based Approach Download
T009- GB 2.0 SRCL Download
T010- GB 2.0 by Tchrs for Tchrs 3-5 Download
T011- GB 2.0 Purposeful Planning 3-5 Download
T012- GB 2.0 How Do Units Work 3-5 Download
T013- Research Writing Task Download
T014- Better Together Download
T016- Best Practices ELA NonFiction Download
T017- GB 2.0 by Tchrs for Tchrs 6-12 Download
T018- I Got This Download
T019- Vocab Quadrants Download
T020- Best Practices in ELA Word Work 6-8 Download
T021- GB 2.0 Purposeful Planning 6-8 Download
T022- GB 2.0 How Do Units Work 6-8 Download
T023- Best Practices in ELA Word Work 9-12 Download
T024- GB 2.0 Purposeful Planning 9-12 Download
T025- GB 2.0 How Do Units Work 9-12 Download
T026- Linking Vocab What's the Word Download
T027- If Walls Could Talk Download
T028- Text Dependent Questions Download
T029- Accessing and Using Quality Texts Download
T031- Complex Text in K Download
T032- CKLA Users Download
T034- Hogwarts Download
T041- Collaboration Vacation Download
T035- Foundational Skills Download
T085- Standards Review Math Download
T091- Numbers in Base Ten K2 Download
T093- LATM Take a Risk Download
T094- LATM Essential Math Models Download
T095 - LATM Funding Sources for Teachers Download
T096- Essential Elements Download
T060- SREB Deepening Stdnts Math Download
T061- Essential Math Models Area Models Download
T063- Improving Lessons Download
T064- MDC Download
T066- Ratios and Fractions Download
T068- Full Body Graphing Download
T069- What's So Scientific Download
T075- Functions Algebra II Download
T076- Examining Stdnt Work Download
T083- Analyzing Assessment Items Download
T043- Making Meaning of Info Texts Download
T045- APeeling Download
T046- SREB Authentic Literacy Download
T048- Reviewing Instructional Materials Math Download
T049- Building Fraction Sense Download
T050- Numbers and Ops in Base Ten Download
T051- Content Connections Download
T058- LATM Learning and Assess Strat Download
T038- Motivating Students Goal Setting Download
T039- Increasing Cognitive Lift Download
T040- Making Meaning of Info Texts Download
T037- Reviewing Instructional Materials ELA SS Download
T036- Word, How Do I Know Thee? Download
T042- Supporting and Coaching Download
T047- ELL Download
T086- Science Engagement Download
T097- Science Tasks K-6 Download
T098- LSTA Scientific Assess Tasks Download
T100- Environmental Education Commission Download
T101- LSTA Science Fund Download
T102- STEM WWII Download
T104- Safety in Science Download
T105- Argument Driven Inquiry Download
T107- Science Tasks 4-10 Download
T108- Picture Perfect Science Download
T112- Purchased Lives Download
T113- Highly Engaging SS Download
T114- Teaching Lit through History Download
T115- Using Investigation Download
T116- DBQ Project Download
T117- WWII Right to Fight Download
T118- Library of Congress Download
T119- Using Primary Sources Download
T120- Building Strong SS Curriculum Download
T121- Teaching Lit through History Download
T122- DBQs Download
T123- Soaring to New Heights Download
T124- Shoe Fits Download
T126- Think Functionally Download
T127- Using Assistive Tech Download
T128- Choosing Transition Assessments Download
T129- Desired Post School Outcomes Download
T133- Successful Adulthood Download
T135- Zearn 101 Download
T132- Creating Reachable Stdnt Goals Download
T136- Zearn Digital Math Tools Download
T139- Influence without Authority Download

General Logistics

Teacher Leader Archives

ULM Campus map Download
SC Bossier Hotel and Restaurants Download
SC TL Jefferson Hotel and Restaurants Download
Ruston Area Hotels and Restaurants Download
SC TL Lafayette Hotels and Restaurants Download
Baton Rouge Area Hotels and Restaurants Download
Crowley Area Hotels and Restaurants Download
Ouachita Area Hotels and Restaurants Download
Natchitoches Hotel and Restaurants Download
Thibodaux Hotel and Restaurants Download
January 2016 Teacher Leader Collaboration Download
November 2015 Teacher Leader Collaboration Download
September 2015 Teacher Leader Collaboration Download
January 2015 Teacher Leader Collaboration Event Download
2015 Teacher Leader Summit Logistics Materials Download
2015 Teacher Leader Summit Pre-Registered Sessions Download
2015 Teacher Leader Summit First Come, First Serve Sessions Download