Principal Support

general principal support

2016 Louisiana Principals' Teaching & Learning Guidebook Download
2017-2018 District Decision Guide Download
2018-2019 Fellowship Program Guide Download
District Principal Support Grant Application Download
PD Planning Guide Download
Principal Town Hall Spring 2016 Download

Eureka Principal Institute

sheet Eureka Principal Institute-Nov3-EBR Download
sheet Eureka Principal Institute-Sept7-Shreveport Download

School Finder Toolkit

2017-2018 ECE Performance Profile Parent Presentation Download
2017-2018 School Performance Score Parent Presentation Download
2018 LA School Finder Flyer Arabic Download
2018 LA School Finder Flyer Spanish Download
2018 LA School Finder Flyer Vietnamese Download
2018 School and Center Performance Communications Toolkit Download
2018 School Performance Scores Principal Training Download
ECE Performance Ratings Press Release Samples Download
K-12 School Performance Scores Sample Press Release Download
Louisiana School Finder Data Guide Download
Louisiana School Finder Flyer Download
Louisiana School Finder Legal Poster Download
Louisiana School Finder Social Media Package Download
Louisiana School Finder Web Button Download
Louisiana's K-12 Accountability System Download
Louisiana's K-12 Accountability System Arabic Download
Louisiana's K-12 Accountability System Spanish Download
Louisiana's K-12 Accountability System Vietnamese Download


Alternative School Principal Goal Setting Guidance Download
Career School Principal Goal Setting Guidance Download
Combination Principal Goal-Setting Toolkit Download
High School Principal Goal Setting Toolkit Download
K-2 Principal Goal Setting Guidance Download
K-8 Principal Goal Setting Toolkit Download


Secure Reporting System User Guide Download


2016-2017 Educator Workforce Report Discussion Guide Download
2018 Collaboration High School Policy Updates Download
Early and Accurate Identification of SWD Download
EC R1 PC Jan Feb 2018 Performance Profiles and Improvement Download
EC R1 SC Jan Feb 2018 SC Coordinated Enrollment Download
EC R2 SC Jan Feb 2018 PP Results Download
ELA Guidebooks session Download
English Learner Jan-Feb Collaboration Download
Family Engagement and ESSA Download
Feb 2018 PRIN Collab Agenda Lafayette Download
Feb 2018 Prin Collab Agenda Ruston Download
Feb 2018 Principal Collab Agenda Harvey Download
Guidebooks +Louisiana Connectors = Inclusion for SWSD Download
High School STEM Math Updates Download
Hot Off The Press Math Updates Download
Jan 2018 Principal Collab Agenda EBR Download
Jan-Feb 2018 Principal Collab Event Overview Download
Jump Start Summers Collaborative Download
LEAP 360 Making Connections Download
Mentor Teachers for January Collabs Download
Principal and Superintendent Secure Reporting Portal Jan-Feb Collaborative Download
Protecting Student Privacy Download
Scaling High Quality PD Session Download
Science Connecting Standards Instruction and Assessment Final Download
Secure Portal Principal Discussion Guide Download
sheets-JanFeb2018 PrinCollab-Lafayette (2) Download
sheets-JanFeb2018 PrinCollab-Ruston (2) Download
sheets-JanFeb2018PrinCollab-EBR (2) Download
sheets-JanFeb2018PrinCollab-Harvey (2) Download
Social Studies Session Download
TAP NISL Download
Understanding Cohort Graduation Start to Finish Jan 2018 Download
Using Online Mathematics Assessment Tools Download

November Principal Collaborations

Assessment Resources and Assessment Guide Updates Download
Content Leader & Mentor Teachers Download
EC R1 Performance Profile Results and Planning Download
EC R2 Funding Seats Download
EC R3 Coordinated Enrollment Download
eDIRECT Refresher Download
EL Guidebook Download
ELA November Collaboration Final Download
ELPT Training DTC Download
ESSA Accountability Updates Download
High School Policy Updates Download
Identifying High Quality Science Curriculum Download
LATI Download
LEAP 2025 High School Practice Tests Download
LEAP 2025 High School Practice Tests Template Download
LEAP 360 Math Session Download
LEAP Connect Assessment Overview Collab Download
Lets get digital Download
Not your Parent’s foreign language course... Download
Nov 2017 Prin Collab Event Overview Download
Nov2017 Prin Collab Agenda-Bossier Download
Nov2017 Prin Collab Agenda-EBR Download
Nov2017 Prin Collab Agenda-Harvey Download
Nov2017 Prin Collab Agenda-Lafayette Download
Overview of ELPT Collab Download
PreK-3 Guidebook for Site and System Leaders Download
Putting the CIS into Action Download
School System Planning Download
Science Field Test Download
Science Field Test Immediate and Long-Term Supports Template Download
sheets - Nov2017PrinCollab-Bossier Download
sheets - Nov2017PrinCollab-EBR Download
sheets - Nov2017PrinCollab-Harvey Download
sheets - Nov2017PrinCollab-Lafayette Download
Social Studies November Collaboration Final Download
SPED Guidebook for Administrators Download
TAP and Principal Fellowship Download
The State of Financial Aid in LA SCA Download

December Principal Collaborations

Dec 2016 Principal Collab Event Overview Download
Dec16 Believe and Prepare A School Leaders Perspective Download
Curriculum Implementation part 1 Download
Dec16 Data Governance Download
Dec16 EC Principals_Fostering Collaboration Download
Dec16 Principal Fellowship Download
Dec16 LDOE Tools for Math Educators Download
Dec16 Key Actions for Instr Ldshp Download
Dec16 World Language Download
Dec16 ESSA Download
Dec16 Sup and Principal Profiles Download
Dec16 Key steps for Leaders- Tech Download
Dec16 Making Connections Assessments Download
Curriculum Implementation p2 Download
Dec2016 - PRIN Sign-in-Ruston Download
Dec2016 Sign-in PRIN - Jefferson Download
Dec2016 PRIN Sign-in Lafayette Download
Dec 2016 Principal Collab Baton Rouge Download