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Louisiana’s Call to Action

Students in Louisiana have made great strides in recent years.

However, more work remains to be done. Approximately two out of every nine students in Louisiana currently attend schools with a letter grade of D or F. Many of these students lack alternatives. They are stuck in schools that are not providing them with the skills that they will need as productive citizens.

Louisiana’s Call to Action invites individual educators, organizations, and Louisiana school districts to propose solutions so that all children in Louisiana have multiple, high-quality options. There are multiple solutions. Low-performing schools can be turned around, new schools can be created, and invaluable supports can be developed to ensure that all children enter schools ready to learn.

Answering the Call to Action is easy. The official Call to Action document describes multiple opportunities for individuals, organizations, and districts to submit proposals, apply for funds, propose new ideas, and seek guidance from Department staff.  By answering the Call, you can learn more about available opportunities and receive access to resources that will help you develop your ideas. 

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