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Opportunities for Districts

Louisiana school districts deserve support in the struggle to serve students who have traditionally attended the lowest performing schools. The Department supports districts in getting the right adults into school buildings and setting them up to succeed. To learn more about the specific opportunities listed below please contact David Shepard at

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Potential Opportunities:

1) District Charter Application Process

Districts may consider authorizing charter schools to provide innovative new educational opportunities to students or to serve the students who are stuck in district schools that have traditionally underperformed.  Districts may either request technical support and guidance or contract with the Department to run a charter school application process on their behalf.  Any district that contracts with the Department will still retain full authority to choose which charter schools are approved.

Districts may apply to BESE for a BESE-authorized (Type 4) charter school.  Type 4 charter schools are district schools that do not have to follow the same budgetary, curricular, and staffing policies that other district schools have to follow.  Type 4 charter schools are governed by the local school board and their performance is considered part of a District Performance Score.

3) District Believe and Succeed Initiatives

Believe and Succeed grants provide funding for districts to turn around focus schools (F schools and high schools with graduation rates lower than 60%).  Districts may apply for Believe and Succeed grants to develop new schools leaders to turn around focus schools or grants to recruit and set up a district or school turnaround organization that would institutionalize positive leadership behaviors both at the school and the district level.

4) Expand Access to Early Childhood Education

Louisiana needs quality early childhood education providers that prepare our children for life-long success.  Districts can participate in multiple programs that will provide high-quality early childhood education.