Call to Action Toolbox

Opportunities for Nonpublic Schools

Empowering children to choose the educational option that will best prepare them for future success is central to Louisiana’s educational philosophy. Nonpublic Schools can respond to Louisiana’s Call to Action by participating in a program that increases the number of educational options for families.

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Potential Opportunities:

1) Scholarship Programs

Nonpublic schools can directly impact their community by participating in a scholarship program that expands school options to K-12 low-income students and students with disabilities.   These programs include the Louisiana Scholarship Program, the School Choice Program for Certain Students with Disabilities and the Tuition Donation Rebate Program.

2) Expand Access to Early Childhood Education

Nonpublic schools can also provide low-income students with access to quality early childhood educational options by participating in the Nonpublic Schools Early Childhood Development program (NSECD).