Louisiana Believe and Succeed

The Louisiana Department of Education is committed to providing pathways to a positive and productive future for the nearly 160,000 students who currently attend a D or F school in Louisiana.  Over the last year much progress has been made; 40,000 fewer students now attend D and F schools in Louisiana.  Yet, more must be done to ensure that every child has a pathway to productive citizenship within their community and within our state. To achieve this goal, the Louisiana Department of Education is proud to announce the second annual Believe and Succeed: Louisiana's Initiative to Transform Struggling Schools.

Through Believe and Succeed, the Department provides grants to empower local educational agencies, nonprofits, and individuals to turn around existing D and F schools and to create new high quality autonomous schools for students who would otherwise attend underperforming schools.

In 2013, BESE awarded over $7 million in Believe and Succeed grants to support the launch of new, autonomous schools, school turnaround efforts, and leadership development initiatives across state.

The Department now seeks applications for the 2014 Believe and Succeed grants.

Those interested may apply for one or more of the following grants:

  • New School Development Grants will fund the training of school leaders who will turn around struggling schools or start new schools to serve students who would otherwise attend D or F schools.

  • Expanding Excellence Grants will fund the expansion of high-performing schools and school networks to serve students who would otherwise attend D or F schools.

TIMELINE FOR 2014 Believe and Succeed Grants

  • Tuesday, December 17: Release of Grants Application
  • Friday, March 7: Applications Due

Please email David.Shepard@LA.gov if you have any questions or are interested applying for a Believe and Succeed, Second Round grant.