Registered Nonpublic Schools (Not Seeking State Approval)

Louisiana families and schools also have the option of educating children at a Registered Nonpublic School (Not Seeking State Approval).

Registered schools must register each year in order to be in compliance with Louisiana’s compulsory attendance law.

For more information, please see the Registered Non Public School Guidelines.

New online Registration System

Families and schools may now use a simple, user-friendly online registration system to submit their nonpublic school registration. This new system will allow a registered nonpublic school to complete their registration online instead of submitting a registration letter. 

Once the registered nonpublic completes the online form, they will receive an automatic registration confirmation via e-mail.  A similar system will also be available for families wishing to submit a Home Study Application.

Register a Nonpublic School

Families and Schools MAY LEARN MORE ABOut this new online system by reviewing the following resources:

Registered Nonpublic Schools without internet access may still submit a paper, signed registration letter instead of using the online system.  Please refer to the Registered Non Public School Guidelines for more information.