Special School District

The Special School District was established by the Louisiana State Legislature to provide education to students housed in state or privatized facilities and hospitals. Special School Programs, under the direction of the Department of Education oversees the educational programs for eligible students enrolled at Office of Youth Development, Office of Behavioral Health, Office of Developmental Disabilities, Department of Public Safety and Corrections, privatized facilities, and the Louisiana Special Schools.

Louisiana Special School District Strategic Framework 2018-2022

Today, the Special School District (SSD) presented a strategic framework to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) that sets a vision for improving the SSD schools, programs and services offered throughout the state. Today’s presentation kicks off a timeline for receiving public comment through in-person listening sessions and an online survey that will conclude on November 8, 2018. The SSD strives to be a model of excellence in serving students with low incidence disabilities and needs. Under the direction of the new SSD Superintendent, Dr. Pat Cooper, a team of SSD employees from all schools and programs has been working together to outline plans for how the SSD will accomplish this goal.

The framework you are reviewing today is the foundation of the SSD’s strategic plan. Your input is an integral part of this process and will be included in the overall strategic planning process. The SSD welcomes all feedback on this strategic framework and will accept written public comment through November 8, 2018 using the form below.

Louisiana Special Schools

The Louisiana Special Schools are the three sites administered by Special School Programs as part of the expanding services and programs designed to meet the needs of special needs students.

Louisiana School for the Deaf
2888 Brightside Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired
2888 Brightside Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana Special Education Center
5400 Coliseum Boulevard
Alexandria, Louisiana

Service Locations

Special School Programs provides educational services including a variety of special needs, regular education and Pre-GED/GED type activities. These activities are administered by Special School Programs personnel as part of the programs designed to meet the needs of students around the state in varied facilities.

Louisiana Special School Programs
2888 Brightside Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana