Compass Reports

District and school leaders may use the Compass Information System to generate real-time reports and data that serve as tools to assess Compass implementation. The Compass dashboards include student data that enables leaders to assess the expectations held for educators, and the quality of feedback educators are receiving through the Compass process.

The dashboard is periodically shared via the Superintendents’’ Newsletter. District and school names are withheld from these reports.

A full list of reports can be found in the Reports tab in CIS.

Compass Final Report 2012-2013

The Compass Final Report is intended to serve as the starting point for a discussion within communities across the state about how better to support teachers and leaders. Districts, principals and teachers may use this information to improve instructional practices across the state of Louisiana.

2012-2013 Compass Final Report

2013 Compass Final Report Download
Compass Briefing Presentation Download
Appendix A - Table 1 Teacher Compass Scores by District Download
Appendix A - Table 1 Leader Compass Scores by District Download
Appendix A - Table 1 Counselor Compass Scores by District Download
Appendix A - Table 2 Compass Scores by School Download
Appendix B - Table 1 Average Score & Distribution Download
Appendix C - Table 1 State-level VAM Download
Appendix D - Compass Final Report Methodology Download
2012-2013 Compass LEA Level Reports Sheet Download