Compass Information System (CIS)

The Compass Information System (CIS) is a web-based system that is available to districts and charter schools to support their implementation of Compass, the state’s educator support and evaluation system. Use of the system by school districts and charters is free and voluntary.

With the system:

  • Teachers, librarians, counselors, and leaders can establish student learning targets (SLTs) and share them with their evaluators and administrators.
  • Evaluators can perform observations on their assigned employees and review employee performance.
  • School districts and charters can track Compass implementation and submit annual reports to the Louisiana Department of Education.
Additionally, the system automatically calculates evaluation scores from the data entered on observations and student growth when evaluators perform an end-of-year evaluation.

Helpful Hints for Educators:

  • The Compass library has many resources that may help CIS users as they navigate the Compass process. Be sure to review the materials there.
  • Pop-up blocker must be turned off to log-in to access the CIS. Full details on system requirements – and how to check them – can be found in the library.
  • Don’t use special characters in your log-in name (such as #, ^, %), which will cause an error message. You can change your log-in name using the “I forgot my code” button on the log-in screen if you have used them previously.
  • Repeated attempts to log in with incorrect information will cause your account to be deactivated. To activate your account, please contact your district’s CIS administrator. 
For more Compass Information System resources, please visit our Compass Library.