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Bring AWARENESS to the importance of Parent and Family Engagement.

CONSTRUCT PLATFORMS that ignites engagement from the state level administration down to the classroom.

Meaningfully engage stakeholders to gain INPUT that drives initiatives.

Cultivate engagement that ENERGIZES LEARNER SUCCESS.

Families are the key to a child’s academic success.

What is parent, family, and community engagement?

Family engagement is an empowering partnership among families, educators, practitioners and the community with shared responsibility for the personal success of children and youth. Learn more about the parent, family and community engagement definition.

What is the Be Engaged Birth-12 Framework?

The Department of Education gathered various stakeholders (families, community partners, educational professionals) to collaborate ensure the development of a comprehensive family engagement framework for Louisiana families and children. The Framework was developed to guide the school systems and early childhood community networks to support intentional planning of policies and practices and implementation of high-quality family engagement practices.

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November is National Family Engagement Month!

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