In Fiscal Year 2012, Louisiana’s education budget for kindergarten through high school is $8.7 billion, including $8 billion for local school districts and a half billion for the Recovery School District. More than 99% of the funding goes directly to school districts. The budget for the Louisiana Department of Education is less than one percent of the state’s education budget. 

Louisiana’s K12 education is funded by a combination of federal, state and local revenue.

Federal Funding

Federal tax dollars fund approximately 15% of the total education budget. The majority of federal funding is provided through grants, including grants administered by the state and grants that are awarded directly to school districts.

State Funding

State tax dollars fund approximately 38% of the total education budget. For Fiscal Year 2012-2013, Louisiana provided an estimated $3.4 billion for the Minimum Foundation Program.

The overwhelming majority of state funding is allocated to school districts based on a formula, which is designed to ensure all school districts have a minimum amount of funding for schools. The formula is established under the Minimum Foundation Program which is adopted by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and approved by the Legislature. Funding under the Minimum Foundation Program is provided as a block grant and school districts determine how to spend the funding.  

Local Funding

Local tax dollars fund approximately 47% of the total education budget.