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Leaders Lagniappe is a newsletter feature that highlights the leadership of early learning center directors who change communities through their vision and focus on positive outcomes for children and families.


Leaders Lagniappe Headshot (Aloma Bergeron)

Leaders Lagniappe (September 2019)

Aloma Bergeron, Director, South Plaquemines Children's Center

Previous Leaders' Lagniappe Issues

Leaders Lagniappe Headshot (Lindsey Fontenot)

Leaders Lagniappe (August 2019)

Lindsey Fontenot, Director, South Cameron Early Learning Center

Leaders Lagniappe Headshot (Sherrel Pointer)

Leaders Lagniappe (June 2019)

Sherrel Pointer, Director, Treasures from Heaven

Leaders Lagniappe Headshot (Arielle-Hughes)

Leaders Lagniappe (May 2019)

Arielle Hughes, Director & Owner, Carousel Preschool


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