Jun 01, 2012

BESE President Penny Dastugue, Vice President Chas Roemer, and Secretary Jim Garvey issued a joint statement on behalf of the BESE board today in connection with an upcoming vote in the Louisiana House of Representatives on the BESE-approved 2012-2013 MFP resolution.

"Two months ago, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to support change for the children of Louisiana. BESE did the same, voting for an MFP that gives families unprecedented options for their children’s education. The full Senate and the House Education Committee have since affirmed their support of that MFP formula.

This MFP will not only provide options for students in failing schools, but also provide for expanded Advanced Placement courses, continued focus on dual enrollment in colleges, increased career and technical education, and new college tuition scholarships for those students who finish high school early.

The MFP expands funding for public education in the state because our schools are reducing dropouts and increasing student enrollment. At the same time, it funds all schools, children, and communities equitably, ending the subsidies that double-funded a small number of schools in our state, so that the basic formula does not have to be cut.

We urge the legislature to pass this MFP formula. Our belief in this formula and its potential for the children of Louisiana is so strong that, were it to not receive a majority vote in the House, we would commit to reconvening and re-approving the formula, calling on the Governor to convene a special session of the legislature at which it could be considered again."


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