Jul 13, 2012

NEW ORLEANS - In an effort to provide better services for students and families and to ensure schools are making every effort possible to help keep students in school, the Recovery School District (RSD) will implement several new policies during the 2012-13 school year. The RSD will introduce school leaders and parents to the new policies and procedures during two citywide meetings that will be held on July 18 and 25.

"Our staff has spent a considerable amount of time speaking with parents, community members and school leaders to develop these new policies," said RSD Superintendent Patrick Dobard. "These policies will ensure equity for all students across all RSD schools."

The new policies were created in partnership with representatives from both direct-run and charter schools as well as parents, advocates, and community groups. The policies will provide for the oversight of some functions by the RSD in an effort to ensure students, families, and schools are treated fairly in the enrollment, expulsion, and parent complaint processes.

During the parent meetings, RSD staff will review and answer questions regarding the following new policies:

  • Student Enrollment and Transfer Policy

    Following the launch of its annual enrollment process, OneApp, the RSD has put into place a policy outlining procedures for admission, readmission and transferring among schools.
  • Student Expulsion and the RSD Hearing Office

    All expulsions for both direct-run and charter schools will be conducted through the RSD Hearing Office, where the RSD can ensure due process for all students and the consistent application of rules. All schools will share a common list of expellable and non-expellable offenses.
  • Parent Issue Resolution Process

    The RSD has put into place a system that makes it clear to parents who is responsible for handling certain issues (schools, Parent Center, or RSD central office). For issues that do warrant RSD central office involvement, parents will have a single point of contact for their child’s school with whom they can raise their concerns and they will receive improved services and faster response times.

The scheduled community meetings are as follows:

  • July 18, 4 p.m., L.B. Landry High School, 1200 L. B. Landry Ave.
  • July 25, 6 p.m., Walter L. Cohen High School, 3520 Dryades St.