Sep 17, 2012

NEW ORLEANS - As part of the ongoing Schools Rebuilding Program, the Recovery School District (RSD) and Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) will host a School Construction Industry Day on Saturday, Sept. 22, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO), 6400 Press Dr. The event is part of both districts’ efforts to collectively work to advance their recently launched Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) programs, which focus on increasing the inclusion of local contractors throughout the city of New Orleans.

Through the Schools Rebuilding Program, both RSD and OPSB are currently undertaking the largest school construction program in the city’s history and the largest post-Katrina public sector rebuilding program on the Gulf Coast. Both the RSD and OPSB are encouraging the participation of local DBE contractors in building and renovating schools throughout the city.

During the event, attendees will receive information on recently revised RSD and OPSB policies regarding the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise programs along with information on upcoming public school construction projects. Also, contractors will be given an opportunity to develop relationships with local and general contractors and identify DBEs compatible with their contracting needs.

Interested contractors and DBEs can RSVP for the event by email at

For additional information about the RSD DBE Program, visit or call Sombra Williams, DBE Director at (504) 592-0808. For more information about the OPSB DBE Program, contact Armer Bright, DBE Executive Director at (504) 304-5584.

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