Oct 23, 2012
NEW ORELANS - Yesterday, the Louisiana Department of Education released 2012 School Performance Scores and Letter Grades for all public schools in Louisiana. The results show the hard work of our students and teachers is paying off and education reform in New Orleans is benefitting children. The bar to avoid being labeled a failing school was raised from 65 to 75 this year. In New Orleans, our students are meeting these increased expectations and showing that dramatic improvement is possible.

As the state’s model for turning around failing schools, the Recovery School District has shown what is possible when educators are given the support and autonomy to focus on what is most important-their students. The District Performance Score (DPS) for the Recovery School District-New Orleans (RSD-NO) shows that the RSD-NO is no longer a failing district. The District Performance Score for RSD-NO grew by 7.5 points to 76.7, representing an 11 percent increase from 2011 and a 49 percent increase since 2008. In one year, the percentage of students attending a RSD-NO school with an SPS below 75 decreased by 22 percentage points, from 62 percent in 2010-11 to 40 percent in 2011-12.

RSD SPS Graphic 1

The Recovery School District-New Orleans is proud to be a driver in the increase of high-performing school options for students in our city. In 2005, 77 percent of students in New Orleans attended a school with an SPS below 75; now that number has been reduced to 29 percent.

RSD SPS Graphic 2

Superintendent Patrick Dobard applauds the success saying, "The efforts our students, their teachers and school leaders are putting forth is tremendous. We have come a long way as a system of schools but the work before us will increase in difficulty as we move toward more rigorous standards which will allow all students to be college and career ready.  As indicated by the steady growth throughout our schools, we will continue to seek improvement and ensure high quality educational options for families."

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