Dec 11, 2012

RSD and Its Partners Offer Elected Officials an Opportunity to Connect with Istrouma High School and Lanier Elementary School Faculty and Students

BATON ROUGE, La. - Recovery School District (RSD) Superintendent Patrick Dobard and RSD partners led elected officials, who serve the Baton Rouge Achievement Zone (BRAZ), through two of the seven direct-run RSD schools. These tours offered officials from the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board, the Board of Elementary & Secondary Education (BESE), local councilmembers and state lawmakers an opportunity to engage school leaders and staff as well as students at Istrouma High School and Lanier Elementary School.

"The RSD created these school tours to provide elected officials with a clearer understanding of what the current state of education is in the BRAZ," said Superintendent Dobard. "It also provided a forum for the faculty and students of these schools to sit with these officials and have conversations about their schools and their community."

At Istrouma, leaders had lunch with students and discussed their personal school experience, their future plans, and their community. They also took a tour of the facility and visited classrooms to view lessons.

"Every time we visit schools and interact with students and teachers, we are reminded of the opportunities and challenges we face," said Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) Chas Roemer.

During their time at Lanier, leaders worked with students in their classrooms through reading and math exercises.

"It is always a great opportunity to get a first-hand glimpse into what's happening in our schools," said Ronnie Edwards, East Baton Rouge Metropolitan Councilmember. "Though work remains, I was very pleased with the level of engagement and enthusiasm on display from students and staff alike."

These area leaders were also joined by BRAZ supporters that included: Entergy, Stand for Children, Teach For America, New Schools for Baton Rouge and Big Buddy.

"It's always encouraging to see our elected officials involved in schools," said Raymond Allmon, Baton Rouge Director of Stand for Children. "At Stand, we look forward to working with them and other community stakeholders to support rigorous expectations, highly effective teachers, comprehensive, high-performing prekindergarten programs and high-quality school options. Working together we will ensure that all children, in Baton Rouge, graduate high school prepared for college."

The RSD looks forward to engaging in more opportunities similar to the school tour with community partners.  For any questions about this event or to inquire about other opportunities to engage in the RSD schools, please contact Justin Blanchard at or (225) 239-7500

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