Sep 04, 2013

Initial Meeting to Review Current Formula and Use Public Comment To Shape Future Discussions

BATON ROUGE, La. – The Minimum Foundation Program Task Force held its first meeting today to hear public comment and consider discussion topics related to funding of public education in Louisiana. Each year, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) determines the cost of educating all public school students in Louisiana, known as the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP), and develop a formula to distribute funding to public schools.

The task force is chaired by Jay Guillot, BESE member and chair of the Administration and Finance Committee, and comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders including BESE members, State Superintendent John White, representatives from the Louisiana School Boards Association, legislators, professional educator associations, superintendents, educators, parents, and community organizations. For a complete list of task force members, please click here. After a series of public meetings, this group will offer guidance on how best to improve the 2014-15 funding formula to most equitably and effectively fund schools and students.

"BESE charged the task force with making reasonable recommendations regarding the 2014-2015 MFP and included broad representation; members clearly demonstrated their commitment to engaging in this work," said Jay Guillot, MFP Task Force chair. "Today's meeting featured strong collaboration and dialogue among the task force and public. We look forward to continuing the constructive conversation throughout the process."

During the task force’s first meeting, the group reviewed key aspects of the history of the funding formula, the current formula, and the state’s fiscal status. As BESE and the Department value public engagement in this process, all meetings are open to the public and provide opportunity for public comments. At this meeting, the task force received public comment and suggestions on these and future topics related to the formula. To view the presentation from today’s meeting, please click here.

  • BESE established the MFP Task Force in light of:
  • Discussions regarding the 2013-14 formula;
  • Increasing financial obligations on schools and systems;
  • Parents’ interest in non-traditional school options;
  • Greater decision-making authority at the district level; and,
  • Concerns for both equity and academic outcomes.

“This task force is a valuable opportunity for key stakeholders to come together and discuss how we can provide more equitable and impactful financial support for districts,“ said State Superintendent John White.  “I look forward to collaborating with this group and incorporating suggestions from the public as we work to craft recommendations for BESE.”

Meetings will continue every month through the end of the calendar year; for a calendar, please click here. Topics for future meeting will include:

  • September: Cost of a Minimum Foundation Program of Education
  • October: Local and State Revenue
  • November: Distribution of Minimum Foundation Program Funds
  • December: Final Recommendations for Questions, Comments, and a Vote by Members

All meetings will be open to the public with the goal of using their suggestions and discussion as a guide to strengthening Louisiana’s funding formula for 2014-15. For more information about the current MFP, please click here

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