Oct 01, 2013

Toolbox Provides Online Resources Created By Counselors Across Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La. — The Department of Education today launched the online Counselor Support Toolbox as part of the larger Classroom Support Toolbox for educators and districts that was launched earlier this year. These tools, developed for counselors by counselors, was created with the goal of providing Louisiana professional school counselors with concrete resources to support their work and a venue to collaborate and grow in their practice.

The Counselor Support Toolbox includes: 1) resources to support individual student planning; 2) samples of responsive service techniques; and, 3) samples of counseling curriculum. All of the tools are optional and mirror best practices for counseling at all grade levels.  Additionally, the toolbox directs counselors toward information about online support tools, like La Connect and Star Jobs as well as information about graduation, scholarships, and admission requirements.

“Counselors play an integral role in the success of our students. The goal of this toolbox is to harness the experience and insight of professional school counselors across our state to create a set of resources that supports their work. We are very grateful to those who helped create it and look forward to continuing to add additional resources over time,” said State Superintendent John White.

“School counselors throughout the state will benefit from the guidance and planning resources incorporated in the Counselor Toolbox,” said Dr. Judith Miranti, member of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. “These peer-developed tools offer valuable support to counselors in their efforts to prepare our students for academic, personal and professional success.”

This toolbox, like the other resources in the Classroom Support Toolbox, will continue to evolve and grow as counselors provide additional feedback and new materials.  Organized around the elements of the Compass rubric, the toolbox provides professional school counselors with support on the core elements of their work. The toolbox also provides example Student Learning Targets (SLTs) to support the goal setting process.

“The Louisiana Department of Education’s Counselor Toolbox is an exceptional resource for school counselors from novices to the most experienced professionals. The toolbox provides practical resources that parallel the American School Counselor Association’s National Model (2005, 2012) and the Louisiana Comprehensive School Counseling Model (2010),” said Jennifer Curry, Associate Professor of Counseling at LSU and President of the Louisiana School Counselor Association. “With these invaluable tools, school counselors can demonstrate their effectiveness and their impact on student learning outcomes. The support given by the LDOE to strengthen school counselor accessibility to such resources will improve school counselor practice and the provision of quality services to Louisiana’s students.”

The Department will host webinars for professional school counselors at the days/times below to introduce the resource available in the toolbox, answer any questions, or field suggestions for improvements. 

The Counselor Support Toolbox and similar online resources build on the premise of Louisiana Believes- that all children can achieve high expectations for learning and that those closest to children should be empowered to make decisions on their behalf.

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