Sep 25, 2014

Part of Commitment to Ensure Access to High-Quality Options for Youngest Learners

NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Early Education Network (NOEEN) is committed to ensuring that all families in New Orleans have access to high-quality options for their youngest learners. This Network, which includes Agenda for Children, Orleans Parish School Board, and the Recovery School District, is inviting all LA4, 8(g), and NSECD programs to participate in OneApp with the cycle beginning this fall for August 2016 enrollment. In the past two years, OneApp has enrolled LA4 programs at over 30 schools and childcare centers. Families using OneApp complete one application to apply to all of these providers instead of having to enter separate applications for pre-kindergarten programs across the city. We are excited to incorporate additional programs in OneApp, expanding access to preschool seats for New Orleans families.

OneApp, New Orleans’ unified system of enrollment for students in PK-12, allows families to submit one application for admission to school or to transfer between schools. Recent legislation requires all publicly-funded early childhood programs to participate in a coordinated enrollment system by summer of 2015. In Orleans Parish, we have the opportunity to launch a coordinated enrollment system for all school-based early childhood programs a full year ahead of schedule by incorporating any interested programs not already participating in OneApp in the system this fall. 

Families of our youngest learners deserve the same opportunity to apply through one application, express their preferences, and receive one assignment through an equitable and transparent process. Together, Agenda for Children, OPSB, and RSD are committed to streamlining the enrollment process for publicly-funded early childhood programs in New Orleans. Our schools and educators have proven themselves national innovators in K-12 education and we know they will embrace the opportunity to lead the state in this effort.

To read the invitation letter from the RSD, OPSB, and Agenda for Children, please click

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