Oct 02, 2014

EAGLE 2.0 Provides Educators 8,500 Questions and Tasks for Students to Show What They Have Learned

BATON ROUGE, La. – To continue increased, intensive educator support during the state’s transition to higher expectations, the Louisiana Department of Education today announced the launch of EAGLE 2.0 – a web-based tool educators can use to create assessments measuring students’ skills to highlight successes and struggles.

EAGLE 2.0 is a system loaded with more than 8,500 English, math, science, and social studies assessment questions written by Louisiana educators for educators. Rather than simple test preparation, the new system provides different question types, from multiple choice to written-response literacy questions and math problems requiring student writing. This variety of sample questions allows students to build independent thinking skills and provides teachers more targeted information about student learning to better tailor their teaching to individual student needs. In addition, the new system includes a new interface and technology features, making it an easier, more efficient tool for teachers as they prepare lessons. To learn more about these enhancements, click here.

Teachers can sign in to EAGLE 2.0 from the Department’s webpage. Once in the system, teachers can build practice tests, search for and print classroom activities, and review reports on how well students did on each assessment. Students can also log in to the system to practice assessment questions in an online setting. In addition to creating more traditional practice tests, teachers can search for questions from previous grades to help struggling students and print the more challenging classroom activities to use for multi-day lessons with their students.

“It is important for our students to be prepared to take tests, but it’s even more important that they have developed skills to succeed after high school," said State Superintendent John White. “We are raising the bar in Louisiana, and have high expectations for our students. This new and improved system will provide teachers a tool with which they can assess students’ readiness to demonstrate independent thinking.”

This tool is an integrated part of a comprehensive support system the Department provides teachers. In addition to the EAGLE system, the Department has a series of locally created assessment, curriculum, and training resources. These additional tools work in conjunction with EAGLE 2.0 to support teachers and students.

  • Assessment resources help clarify what student mastery of the increased expectations looks like. These tools include assessment guides detailing the design and content of every state exam, and sample assessment items and practice tests to help students practice.
  • Curriculum resources include Louisiana Curriculum Guidebooks in math and English language arts that include rigorous, end-of-year assessment-aligned practice items (now also included in EAGLE 2.0). These guidebooks are integrated into the EAGLE 2.0 system and provide optional, instructional guidance for every K-12 math and English Language Arts teacher.
  • Teacher training has included in-person, content-specific training over the summer, regional collaborations during the school year, and monthly virtual training and newsletters highlighting new tools.

The state is transforming the student experience, challenging students with higher-level questions and asking for greater levels of student engagement. The Department has aligned the curriculum guidance and end-of-year assessment guidance to provide teachers a coherent view of what must be learned. This calls for a shift in interim or periodic assessment, away from the skills of good test takers toward the good authentic skills that can be measured on tests. These tools are an integral part of putting authentic practice in front of students so they build the skills necessary for success on the assessments they will take, and more importantly ensure students have the ability to recall and use these skills in future grades, courses, and jobs.

The Department will continue to release high-quality practice questions throughout the school year and receive feedback from educators to further improve the system. EAGLE 2.0 is available for teachers year round at no cost to districts or schools.  A help desk is available to assist educators by phone at (866) 552-5583 or by sending email to

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