LOUISIANA PARCC DAILY UPDATE - Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mar 17, 2015

Testing Information:

  • More than 320,000 Louisiana students will participate in the PARCC assessments for grades 3-8 this week.
  • More than 1,200 school sites will administer PARCC tests this week.
  • More than 3,925,500 PARCC tests were administered thus far this Spring.
  • In other PARCC states, on Monday, test administration numbers were as follows:
      • 240,800 tests administered in New Jersey
      • 234,000 tests administered in Illinois
      • 107,200 tests administered in Maryland
      • 91,200 tests administered in Arkansas
      • 67,400 tests administered in Ohio
      • 45,300 tests administered in New Mexico
      • 30,700 tests administered in Mississippi
      • 20,900 tests administered in Massachusetts
      • 18,800 tests administered in Rhode Island
      • 6,800 tests administered in Washington DC

LDOE Guidance and Support:

  • Number of emails received and answered via the assessment inbox since January 1, 2015 - More than 1,720
  • Number of calls received and answered via the assessment hotline since March 2, 2015 - 223

Today's Test Session: English Language Arts Research Simulation Task (Estimated time students will test is 60 minutes)

This session mirrors the research process by presenting two passages (grade 3) or three passages (grades 4-8) on a given topic. Students answer a set of multiple choice questions about the passages (6 questions at grade 3; 9 questions at grades 4-8) and then write an extended response about some aspect of the related passages. For example, in grades 3-5, students might be asked to write about how each passage presents the topic, the use of illustrations in the passages, or an analysis of the author's use of evidence. In grades 6-8, students might be asked to analyze some aspect of the related passages such as the purpose, the use of illustrations, the relationship of ideas, or the argument presented.

Progression of Test Questions from 2013 to 2015


EXAMPLE: Grade 8 ELA (Responding to Research)




Suppose you are preparing an outline for a report on Pete Maravich. Using information provided in the resources, list

three main headings that you could use for the body of the report.


In what year was Pete Maravich inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame? Identify two resources that provide this information.

The author of the web page

Nicknames describes five legendary players and the qualities that seem essential to be a basketball legend. Explain

two qualities discussed in the web page

Nicknames that apply to Maravich. Be sure to use specific information from the web page and at least one other resource to support your response.


You have read three passages about studies involving the behavior of elephants:

  • "Elephants Can Lend a Helping Trunk"
  • From "Elephants Know When They Need a Helping Trunk in a Cooperative Task"
  • "Elephants Console Each Other"

Write an essay analyzing each author's purpose in describing the studies of elephant behavior, and compare the information about the behavior of elephants each author presents in the articles. Remember to use evidence from all three articles to support your response.


For additional assessment questions or concerns call the LDOE Assessment Hotline at 844-268-7320 or email assessment@la.gov.

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