Aug 06, 2015

Portal to Provide Easier Access to Resources for Families, Districts, and Businesses

BATON ROUGE, La – The Louisiana Department of Education today launched a new, comprehensive All Things Jump Start web portal. The portal provides more than 200 valuable resources necessary for students interested in following a Jump Start pathway, and for teams of educators and industry officials to effectively implement Jump Start. The site contains information about Jump Start training, as well as student internships, teacher externships, and graduation course requirements.

Through the web portal, students and their parents can access information describing opportunities for high school students to earn industry-valued credentials most likely to lead to high wage careers while preparing them to continue their post-secondary education or career development.

Jump Start is the state’s new program for school districts, colleges, and businesses to collaborate in providing career courses and workplace experiences to high school students, enabling them to attain high-demand industry certifications in high school that lead to high-wage careers. Jump Start is for all students. Jump Start enables career-oriented students to qualify for continued post-secondary education, while enabling college-bound students to earn industry-valued credentials. To achieve Jump Start industry credentials, students complete graduation pathways of courses and workplace-based experiences developed by Jump Start regional teams made up of industry, colleges, and school districts. Thousands of students in Louisiana are currently pursuing a high school diploma through one of 47 BESE-approved graduation pathways.

The “All Things Jump Start” web portal provides educators and businesses with essential Jump Start implementation resources in “sub-directories.” These sub-directories represent a wealth of information useful in ensuring students graduate through one of the 47 Jump Start pathways best aligned with their interests and future success. Additionally, the portal includes easier access to more than 100 credential fact sheets to help schools determine how their students can earn high-value industry credentials that enable students to attain high-wage entry-level employment.

“This web site simplifies the entire process,” said State Superintendent John White. “All of the Jump Start resources are at the touch of a button. The portal is user friendly, and provides one-stop shopping for students, educators and industry involved in Jump Start.”

In July, more than 400 educators from around the state achieved career-field certifications during the annual Jump Start 2015 Super Summer Institute, nearly doubling last year’s event. During the next two school years, districts will develop instructional capabilities, additional instructors will become credentialed to help students achieve industry certifications, and students will have the option of graduation through the Jump Start Graduation Pathways. With all of Louisiana’s school districts participating in Jump Start, Louisiana is one year ahead of the state’s implementation schedule. Full statewide implementation of the program is expected by the 2017-2018 school year. Over the past year, Regional Teams and school districts have shared about $1.1 million dollars in Jump Starting Jump Start grants, and more than $5.4 million in Career Development Funds, both used to support the program.

Jump Start is a critical component of Louisiana Believes, the state’s plan for every young person to be on the path to college or career. In 2012, the Department, BESE, and schools across the state embarked on a comprehensive plan for high schools, raising expectations for math and English, overhauling the state’s accountability system, launching the Jump Start education program, and expanding the number of Advanced Placement courses accessible to all students.  As a result, this year a record 24,619 high school seniors earned college-going ACT scores of 18 or better, an increase of more than 6,300 students since 2012. The state’s four-year high school graduation rate increased in 2014 to a record high of 74.6 percent, and Louisiana’s high school students achieved a record number of Advanced Placement credits, increasing 20 percent since 2014 and 89 percent since 2012.

To access the “All Things Jump Start” web portal, please click here.

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