Aug 14, 2015

State Police Arrest Child Care Employee for Identity Theft, Forgery, and Injuring Public Records

BATON ROUGE, La. – The Louisiana Department of Education today announced that a tip from a licensing staff member led to the revocation of the license of a child care facility in Baker, terminating public funding following the arrest of one of the facility’s employees for identity theft and forgery by using a fraudulent driver’s license and for falsely claiming to be the child care center director. State Police booked 39-year-old Alica Monique Robinson of 1070 Sunshine Drive in Baker after the Department’s licensing staff alerted investigators to the crimes. The Department issued a revocation letter today to Mini Miracles Child Care and Learning Center, located at 3615 Groom Road in Baker.

“The vast majority of Louisiana child care programs abide by all laws and protect the safety and welfare of young children,” said State Superintendent John White.  “We’re not going to allow deceitful individuals to operate child care centers in this state. When an early learning center has disregard for the law, it puts kids in harm’s way, risks the public trust, and reflects badly on the education system as whole. We won’t tolerate this kind of deceit.”

During a July 7 annual inspection by the Department, Robinson claimed to be Bertha Morgan, the facility’s director. Morgan is Robinson’s mother and the child care center’s official director. July 15, during a complaint inspection, Robinson again claimed to be Morgan. When the Department licensing specialist asked for identification, Robinson said she lost her driver’s license, and presented a photocopy of Morgan’s driver’s license and Social Security card. After the specialist voiced concern regarding the woman driving the center’s van without a current driver’s license in her possession, she said she would get another one from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Later that day she provided what appeared to be a valid duplicate Louisiana driver’s license in the name of Bertha Morgan. However the person pictured on this license was not the same person pictured in the license provided by Morgan with her initial application for a child care license.

The Department notified State Police, who confirmed the individual pictured on the duplicate driver's license was actually Alica Robinson and that the license was fraudulent. Troopers arrested Alica Robinson at the facility on August 12 after they say she falsely represented herself to a Trooper as Bertha Morgan and provided the Trooper the fraudulent driver's license as proof of her identity.

In addition to the crimes, Department licensing staff discovered 18 deficiencies, and cited the facility for those issues. The center did not have current State Central Registry documentation for all employees, Criminal Background Checks for all employees, and the center did not meet the child/staff ratio requirements at all times. Mini Miracles Child Care and Learning Center had no records of any kind at the center for an employee named Alica Robinson.

This center is now ineligible for public funding through the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), which subsidizes child care for low-income families. Families affected by this action will be referred to licensed facilities eligible to receive CCAP funding.

Mini Miracles Child Care and Learning Center has 15 days from receipt of the revocation letter to appeal the Department’s decision. Revoked operators may not restart operations until approved by the Department to do so. Operating a child care center illegally may result in a court order to cease and desist, as well as placement on the state registry of unauthorized child care facilities.


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