Oct 06, 2015

Resources to Help Determine Where Students Need Additional Support in the Classroom

BATON ROUGE, La. – The Louisiana Department of Education today released a suite of parent and teacher resources designed to help support parents’ understanding of individual 2014-2015 state assessment results for English language arts and math being sent to districts the week of November 9. These resources, available in the Family Support Toolbox, continue the Department’s commitment to support teachers, parents, and students throughout this transition to higher expectations for all students. The Department is also working with local and statewide organizations such as Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+PEL), Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), and area Chambers of Commerce to help disseminate these resources to parents.

  • PARCC Parent Resource Packet for Districts: A quick guide for districts on strategies to disseminate PARCC student results resources to parents.
  • Parent Guide to PARCC Student Results: A guide to help parents read and interpret the PARCC student reports, with accompanying online resources.
  • Parent Conversation Guide for Teachers: Talking points designed to help guide teachers’ conversations with parents about the PARCC student reports.
  • PARCC Results Parent Night Presentation: PowerPoint presentation that schools and districts can use during parent nights in October to preview for parents the student reports and what to expect from them about their child’s performance on the PARCC tests.
  • Model Parent-Teacher Conference Video: A video demonstrating a model parent-teacher conference around the PARCC student reports.

“Teachers and parents should use these resources to guide conversations this month on what to expect on the student reports,” said State Superintendent John White. “These resources offer a simple and clear look at how the data can be used to determine where each student is performing well, and where they need additional support in the classroom and at home to be successful.”

This past spring, 320,000 students took the new statewide tests in math and English language arts known as the PARCC tests. These tests measured students’ understanding of the new expectations for English and math that focus on the critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills they need in today’s world.

The 2014-2015 assessments, written by educators, were designed to:

  • Move away from multiple choice questions to ones that allow students to demonstrate a real understanding of what they know and can do by writing essays, solving real world problems, and reading and analyzing complex texts. 
  • Determine whether students are college- and career-ready or “on track” for the next grade level.
  • Measure the full range of student performance, including high- and low-performing students.

In the timeline below, parents will receive two student reports – one for English language arts and one for math – that will outline how their child performed on the tests. These reports will be sent home during the week of November 9. To view a draft of the English language arts student report, please click here, for a draft of the math student report, please click here. These reports include:

  • An overall score in English language arts and math.
  • A breakdown of the child’s performance in specific skills for each subject area.
  • A comparison of how the child is performing relative to other students in the same school, district, and state. 



November 2014

Department announces 2015 test score release schedule

March/May 2015

320,000 students take PARCC tests

June – August

Individual test questions scored by LEAP vendor

August – September

PARCC state standard-setting verifies that questions were as challenging as anticipated before students completed test.

Sept. 28 – Oct. 2

Individual student raw scores

October 5 – 9

Statewide briefings from technical experts on standard setting, scale scores, cut scores, and comparability among Louisiana and other states, in advance of BESE meeting.

October 12

Public release of preliminary statewide scale scores

October 13

BESE considers cut score levels to determine mastery, advanced, basic, approaching basic, and unsatisfactory

October 14

Department begins applying achievement levels to scale scores

October 19 – 23

Public release of preliminary LEA and school-level scores by achievement level

October 26 – 30

Public release of high school performance scores and letter grades

November 9 – 13

Individual student and school reports are available


All remaining school performance scores and letter grades released

Additionally, the Department is providing parents, districts, and schools the following list of helpful resources for parents that are also simple, clear, and easy to use.

  • Understand the Score: Online resource for parents to help them support their child’s learning at home.
  • Great Kids Milestones: A free, online collection of videos, by grade level, showing students demonstrating what success looks like in reading, writing, and math.
  • PTA Parent Guides: These guides contain overviews of the standards in every grade along with suggested activities for children.
  • “Be a Learning Hero” Learning Tools: Search by state, grade, and subject, to find learning activities you can use at home with your child in English language arts and math.

Parents and educators can access the suite of resources by visiting the Family Support Toolbox on the Department’s website.

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