Jun 27, 2017

Second Report in Less Than Week to Give State Plan High Marks

BATON ROUGE, La. --Louisiana's plan to comply with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) presents a strong vision for students and sets high expectations,according to an independent review released today by national advocacy groups Bellwether Education Partners and the Collaborative for Student Success. This is the second favorable national review of Louisiana's ESSA plan in less than a week.
"Louisiana has put together a very strong plan that all Louisianians should be proud of," Jim Cowen, executive director of the Collaborative for Student Success, told The Advocate.
The national groups convened an objective, independent peer review of all 17state accountability plans submitted to the U.S. Department of Education in April in order to look beyond mere compliance with the federal process, encourage all states to adopt high-quality plans, and provide a resource for state leaders working to help all students succeed.
The groups judged nine key aspects of the planson a scale of one to five, with five the top score, and Louisiana earned high marks in eight areas. Among the highlights:
  • Louisiana has a high-quality plan that presents a strong vision for students in the state, and it sets high expectations for results.
  • The state's plan is grounded in strong standards and assessments, it places a strong emphasis on academic proficiency and growth, and its clearly defined school-rating system will ensure that stakeholders, schools, and students will have a clear understanding of how schools are serving all children.
  • Louisiana's inclusion of science and social studies assessments is a strong element of its plan, and it has compiled a novel set of measures to assess high school and college readiness.
  • The state's plan goes well beyond the minimal federal requirement to identify low-performing schools, and the state has shown an impressive commitment to significantly raising its expectations over time.
  • Louisiana's school-improvement model is easy to understand and is coupled with clear timelines and expectations for improvement, and the state's willingness to take over schools and direct dramatic school-improvement efforts through its Recovery School District authority is another significant strength of Louisiana's plan.
These strengths were also recognized by the Alliance for Excellent Education, which published an analysis of the plan on June 22, calling it one of the "most promising in the United States."
Local and national media outlets have taken note:
To learn more about Louisiana's ESSA plan, click here.
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