Sep 28, 2017

Council Reviewed Progress, Defined Focus, Established Goals for 14 Persistently Struggling Schools

SHREVEPORT, La. - The Caddo Transformation Next Zone's Advisory Council on Tuesday held its first public meeting to discuss with community members the current state of 14 persistently struggling schools in the area, the progress of those schools, and short and long-term goals for improvement.

The Caddo Transformation Next Zone is a three-year partnership between the Louisiana Department of Education and Caddo Parish Public Schools that seeks to support select schools through ambitious goal setting, community-based accountability, educator recruiting initiatives, intensive supports for teachers, and broad decision-making authority for principals. The Advisory Council, a group of seven diverse local leaders and residents, monitors progress in the Zone and advises both the Caddo Superintendent and the State Superintendent on the goals established for the Zone schools and progress towards those goals in each school.

To read a press release about the first public meeting, click here.

To access the presentation shared at the public meeting, click here.

Among the goals presented to the public at the meeting, key initiatives include:

  • Eliminating long-term substitute and out-of-license area teachers, as well as teacher vacancies, through improved recruiting and retention efforts, proven professional development and incentive pay plans for teachers who work at struggling sites within the Zone;
  • Increasing literacy and mathematics skills, ACT scores and high school graduation rates by providing high quality tools and resources, paired with proven professional development; and
  • Empowering principals with the authority to hire, evaluate and terminate staff; to identify effective curricula and professional development plans; and to establish an annual school calendar and daily schedule that maximizes time with students enrolled at the school.

The Advisory Council's next meeting is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on November 28 in the Wanda L. Gunn Professional Development Auditorium of the Caddo Parish Public Schools Central Office. It will be open to the public.

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