Feb 15, 2024
“Let Teachers Teach” Workgroup to identify and develop possible solutions to classroom disruptions such as excessive training and paperwork, scripted lessons, and student discipline

(BATON ROUGE, LA) - The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) is launching a new workgroup to learn more about the classroom disruptions keeping teachers from focusing on the most important aspect of their job — teaching students. State Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley announced the Let Teachers Teach Workgroup. Dr. Brumley created the group after educator engagement revealed a number of challenges taking time away from classroom instruction, including excessive training and paperwork, being required to follow scripted lessons, and student behavior and discipline issues.

“Other than the parent, there is nothing more critical to student success than an effective teacher,” said Dr. Brumley. “One of the best ways we can value teaching professionals is by simply protecting their time to do the important work entrusted to them.”

The workgroup will include PK-12 teachers from across the state. The LDOE is working with its various teacher committees and Louisiana education organizations to identify teachers for the workgroup. Recommendations from organizations should be emailed to ldoecommunications@la.gov. Current Louisiana Teacher of the Year Kylie Altier will chair the workgroup.

“I wholeheartedly believe teaching is the best job in the world because of the children, and I can think of no greater work than ensuring teachers can keep their full focus on students,” said Altier.

The workgroup is the product of feedback the LDOE has received through formal channels such as the Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Council as well as informal channels such as classroom visits and faculty meetings hosted by Dr. Brumley. Meetings are expected to begin in the spring.