May 22, 2024
Let Teachers Teach recommendations center on reducing excessive trainings and paperwork, restoring the art of teaching, and removing classroom distractions 

(BATON ROUGE, LA) - Louisiana State Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley’s Let Teachers Teach workgroup released recommendations viewed as critical to supporting classroom teachers. Composed of over two dozen educators from across Louisiana, the Let Teachers Teach workgroup was tasked with identifying common classroom disruptions and unnecessary bureaucracies, as well as formulating practical solutions to help educators focus on the most important aspect of their job — teaching students. Governor Jeff Landry joined Dr. Brumley and Louisiana Teacher of the Year Kylie Altier today to officially release the 18 recommendations.

“My primary goal in creating this workgroup was to improve the professional experience of classroom teachers,” said Dr. Brumley. “I feel confident these recommendations will support teachers while maintaining a focus on the students they serve.”

“I will not sit back and allow teachers to struggle with these challenges,” said Dr. Brumley. “Whether it's burdensome training or disruptive student behavior, we must ‘have the back’ of teachers so they are empowered to succeed every single day.”

The recommendations cover professional learning, required training, student behavior and discipline, non-academic responsibilities, curriculum and instruction, and planning. Some recommendations must be addressed at the school or school system level, while others require state action.

“We have seen the results of an education system that holds back our educators and does not give them the freedom to teach in their classrooms. This system has failed both our teachers, our children, and our parents,” said Governor Jeff Landry. “I am thankful to the teachers who participated in our Let Teachers Teach workgroup. The recommendations they have provided will serve as a prototype for ways we can improve our education system, and make it one where teachers, parents, and students are proud of their schools and able to succeed.”

The workgroup is the product of feedback the LDOE has received through formal channels such as the Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Council as well as informal channels such as classroom visits and faculty meetings hosted by Dr. Brumley.

“It’s been an honor to collaborate with passionate educators from across the state as we developed a set of recommendations centered on giving teachers more time to focus on students,” said Altier, who chaired the workgroup. “I hope these recommendations show teachers they are important, they are the experts in their classroom, and they are being heard.”

Each section of the recommendations includes multiple action steps. These include:

Professional Learning

  • Tailor professional growth plans.
  • Make collaboration meetings worthwhile.
  • Ensure ample time for classroom preparation.

Required Trainings

  • Shift legislatively-mandated trainings to a cycle.
  • Enact pre-test exemptions from required trainings.

Student Behavior and Discipline

  • Decouple student behavior and the school accountability system.
  • Trust us — don’t blame us.
  • Place ungovernable students at alternative sites for behavior support.
  • Address challenges of chronic absenteeism.
  • Limit cell phone use.

Non-Academic Responsibilities

  • Support student mental health challenges through trained professionals. 
  • Stop forcing teachers to be mental health professionals.
  • Pay teachers for additional, non-academic work.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Eliminate the mandate to read verbatim from teaching manuals, excluding direct instruction.
  • Create a repository of high-quality, easy-to-access teacher resources.
  • Provide scheduling, pacing, and implementation guidance for core content areas.


  • Effective teachers should have professional autonomy in their classrooms.
  • Abolish antiquated lesson planning requirements.