Welcome, Louisiana Families and Educators.

Louisiana Believes is built on the premise that Louisiana students are just as capable as any students in America, and that those closest to children – parents and teachers – are best positioned to help students achieve those expectations.

Because of this belief, Louisiana educators have been working tirelessly over the past several years to raise expectations and educational outcomes for students in five major focus areas:

  1. Unification of child care, Head Start and Pre-Kindergarten to ensure that all students are ready for Kindergarten

  2. Alignment of standards, curriculum, assessments, and professional development to provide students and teachers with the tools they need to meet new standards

  3. Preparation of every aspiring educator under the guidance of an effective mentor, in the classroom, on the job

  4. Creation of opportunities for every graduate through Jump Start career education and college-level Advanced Placement or dual enrollment coursework

  5. Focus on students in persistently struggling schools by transforming those schools and creating new options for their families

We are also committed to providing clear, concise information to help families and educators make informed decisions. As part of our commitment, we redesigned our website to ensure virtual visitors can find the information they need, quickly and efficiently. I would encourage you to specifically visit one of our toolboxes for families, teachers and school and school system leaders for tools to support student learning.

We welcome your ideas on improving our communication with you.

John White