System Support

National and state counseling frameworks to support professional development and effective practice.

Louisiana School Counseling Model and Counselor Compass

The Louisiana School Counseling Model and Counselor Compass outline expectations for school counselors in Louisiana.

Counselors should establish student learning targets (SLTs) at the beginning of each school year in collaboration with their evaluator.


Working Effectively with the School Leadership Team

The College Board has published a guide for counselors seeking to establish a shared vision and strong working relationship with their leadership team. 

Identifying Student and Campus Needs

School counselors use multiple sources of data (assessment data, grades, attendance, referral trends, etc.) to identify and prioritize students’ needs on their campus. This sample needs assessment is a tool for gathering the faculty’s perspective on school counseling program.

Collaborate with other School Counselors

The American School Counselors Association’s ASCA Scene is a place to collaborate with school counselors across the country and Louisiana. The Louisiana School Counselors Association (LSCA) regularly hosts in person and online professional development opportunities for counselors.