School System Planning in Louisiana

Each year, all school systems in Louisiana engage in an annual school system planning process where they:

Identify priorities. +  Develop an aligned budget. + Implement with support.

The Department’s statewide planning process — the ‘Super App’ — allows districts to access federal formula and competitive dollars through one application on one timeline.

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The School System Planning Framework is the tool school systems will use to plan. It organizes a school system’s priorities into four domains: Core Academics, Students with Diverse Needs, Workforce Talent, and LEA Systems.

The School System Framework also identifies priorities that matter most for struggling schools. For more information about the Department’s efforts to improve struggling schools, please visit Struggling Schools and ESSA.


The Department has developed a suite of resources to support completion of the Super App. These resources are available in the School Improvement Library.


For technical support with Super App, please contact the Super App Technical Assistance Group (TAG) by emailing and include “Super App” in the subject line.


  • November 2020: Department launches planning process and resources for 2020-2021.

  • November 2020–January 2021: Department and School System Relations
     teams support school systems to develop plans.

  • February 5, 2021: School systems submit plans. 

  • April 2021Department approves or rejects plans. BESE approves funding for Department-approved plans and school systems begin implementation.