Jump Start Virtual Workplace Experience (VWE) I:  Preparation for Adult Success

Virtual Workplace Experience (VWE) II: High-Demand Career Preparation/CDF Qualifying Course

Course overview - VWE

Curriculum Guide – VWE

00-01 Virtual Workplace Experience Curriculum Guide Download

student handout - VWE

student engagement monitoring checklist - VWE

00-02 Student Handout Download
00-03 Student Engagement Checklist Download

curriculum components - vwe

1. Career interest inventory - VWE

2. Star Jobs Research day - VW

01-02 Nepris request templates for VWE Mentor Interactions Download
01-01 Student Expert Ballot Download
02-01 Star Jobs Research Activity Download
02-01.1 Star Jobs Research Activity Download

3. my life my way - VWE

4. S

03-01 My Life My Way Research Activity Download
03-01.1 My Life My Way Research Activity Download
04-03 Self-Assessment Scale Download
04-04 Self-Assessment Instructions Download
04-05 Self-Assessment Online Simulation Workbook RND 1 Download
04-06 Self-Assessment Online Simulation Workbook RND 1 Exemplar Download
04-07 School vs Work Expectations Download
04-08 School vs Work Expectations Simulation Download
04-09 School vs Work Expectations Simulation Teacher Guide Download
04-10 Self-Assessment Online Simulation Workbook RND 2 Download
04-11 Self-Assessment Online Simulation Workbook RND2 Exemplar Download

5. Resume development - VWE

6. practice job interview - VWE

05-01 Resume Development for Young Adults Download
06-01 Job Interviews Tips and Resources Download

7. self-assessment presentation - VWE

8. informative interview - VWE

07-01 Self-Assessment Presentation Implementation Guide Download
07-02 Self-Assessment Presentation Guidelines Download
07-03 Guidelines for Selecting Mentors Teacher Guide Download
07-04 Mentor Role Description Download
07-05 Self-Assessment Presentation Essay Form Download
07-06 Self-Assessment Presentation Essay Form Teacher Guide Download
07-07 Student Guidelines for Interacting with Mentors Download
07-08 Mentor Student Prep Sheet Download
07-09 Mentor Presentation Outline Download
07-10 Writing Thank You Notes Download
07-11 Writing Thank You Notes Student Exercise Download
08-01 Informative Interview Download
08-02 Informative Interview Worksheet Download

9. act right dress right - VWE

10. the game of life - VWE

09-01 Act Right Dress Right Exercise Description Download
09-02 Act Right Dress Right Teacher Preparation Notes Download
09-03 Act Right Dress Right Judge Instructions Download
09-04 Act Right Dress Right Student Instructions Download
09-05 Act Right Dress Right Student Prep Sheet Download
09-06 Act Right Dress Right Student Day 1 Download
09-07 Act Right Dress Right Student Day 2 Download
09-08 Act Right Dress Right Student Day 3 Download
10-00 Mentor Interaction Nepris Session Request Templates Download
10-01 Game of Life Exercise Description Download
10-01.1 My Career Interest Download
10-02 Predictable Life Crises Download
10-03 Ranking Life Crises Download
10-04.2 Mentor Game of Life Introduction - Teacher Resource Download
10-05 Assigning Point Values Download
10-06.1 Trade-offs Project Download
10-06.2 Trade-offs Project Download
10-07.1 Purchasing Auto Insurance Download
10-07.2 Auto Insurance Word Bank 2016-02-10) Download
10-07.3 Auto Insurance Quiz Download
10-07.4 LA Dept of Insurance Auto Insurance Guide Download
10-07.5 LA Dept of Insurance Teen Auto Guide Download
10-07.6 National Association of Insurance Commissioners Auto Accident Checklist Download
10-07.7 National Association of Insurance Commissioners Auto Wreck Check Guide Download
10-08 Lucky as Adult Exercise Download
10-09 Tabulate Score 2016-02-10 Download
10-10 Mentor Thank Your Assignment Download

11. personal financial literacy online training - VWE

12. in-field experiences - VWE

11-01 EverFi Financial Literacy Flyer Download
11-02 EverFi Financial Literacy 2.0-Curriculum-Guide Download
12-01 In-Field Experience Guideline and Checklist for Students Download
12-01T In-Field Experience Check List for Teachers Download
12-02 In-Field Experience Business or Organization Solicitation Letter Example Download
12-03 Parent Caregiver Permission Slip In-Field Experience Download
12-04 Steps for Being Successful at a Job Fair Download
12-04.1 Job Fair Evaluation Worksheet Download
12-05 DOJ and VSD Evaluation Worksheet Download
12-06 DOJ and VSD Interview Worksheet Download
12-07 Mentor Thank You Note Assignment Download

13. Conclusion - VWE

13-07 VWE Student Written Summary Download