Believe and Prepare Community

 Believe and Prepare TOOLS AND RESOURCES

2014 Partners in Preparation Survey Download
2015 Believe and Prepare Toolkit Download
2015-2016 Believe and Prepare Implementation Guide Download
2016 Believe and Prepare Facts and Research Download
2018 Praxis Support Guide Download
2018 Sample Residency Program MOU (Preparation Provider and School System) Download
Believe and Prepare Annual Report Download
Federal Work Study Letter of Interest Template Download
Fiscal Impact Report Download
GPA Flexibility for Post-baccalaureate Candidates Interview Guidance Download
PRAXIS Exam Updates 2019 Download




Believe and Prepare Rural Communities

17-18 REAP-Eligible Districts Download
2017 Believe and Prepare Rural Report Download
2017 Believe and Prepare Rural Report Data Download
2018 Believe and Prepare Post-Baccalaureate Preparation Report Download
2019 Louisiana’s Alternate Certification Preparation Toolkit Download
Believe and Prepare - Full Preparation in Rural Communities RFA Download
Believe and Prepare_Full Preparation in Rural Communities RFA_Editable Application Download



Archived Community Meetings

2014-2015 Download
2015-2016 Download
2016-2017 Download
2017-2018 Download
Defining and Selecting Effective Mentors Download

Believe and Prepare Funding Supports

17-18 Believe and Prepare eGMS Tutorial Download
2017-2018 Mentor and Resident Stipend Allocation FAQ Download
2018-2019 Mentor and Resident Stipend Data Collection Process Download
2018-2019 Resident and Mentor Stipend Data Collection Process (January Update) Download
2019-2020 Mentor and Resident Data Collection Template Download
Believe and Prepare IDC Guidance Download
Believe and Prepare Residency Expansion RFA Download
eGMS Training – Spring 2017 Webinar Download
High Cost Needs Application 2017-2018 Download
January 2019 Mentor and Resident Data Collection Template Download



Teacher Incentive Fund Toolkit March 2018 Download
Teacher Incentive Fund Toolkit September 2017 Download



Believe and Prepare - Educator Preparation (September 2018) Download
The Role of High-Quality Curricula in Teacher Preparation Download


 Pilot Community Information

Believe and Prepare Cohort 2 RFA Download
Believe and Prepare Cohort 3 RFA Download
Believe and Prepare Community Overview (Cohort 1 and 2) Download
Believe and Prepare Community Overview (Cohort 1) Download
Believe and Prepare Community Overview (Cohort 2) Download
Believe and Prepare Community Overview (Cohort 3) Download
Believe and Prepare Early Childhood Cohort 1 RFA Download

Educator Preparation Providers

Teacher Preparation Accountability

Teacher Preparation Performance Profile Methodology Download
LA Guide To Complete The Westat Title II Institution and Program Report Card 2_11_19 Download
January 2019 Teacher Preparation Provider Meeting Presentation Download
Preparation Provider Data Verification Process User Guide Download
Teacher Preparation Provider Performance Profiles Download
Teacher Preparation Data Agreement and Consent Form Download
Teacher Preparation Program Completer Disclosure Form Download
Teacher Preparation Competencies Download
Teacher Preparation Transition Guide Download
Teacher Preparation Policy Updates Crosswalk Download


On-Site Review

Guidance for Preparing the Provider Self-Assessment Download
High-Needs Schools for Quality Rating System Download
On-Site Review Frequently Asked Questions Download
On-Site Review Pre-Visit Checklist Download
Sample On-Site Review Final Report Download
Sample On-Site Review Visit Schedule Download
Teacher Preparation Onsite Review Brief - January 2017 Download
Teacher Preparation On-Site Review Handbook Download
Teacher Preparation Quality Rating System Onsite Review Scheduling Request Portal Guidance (June 2018) Download
TPI-US On-Site Review Presentation – November 2018 Download


Preparation Provider Monthly Webinars

Preparation Provider Monthly Webinar August 2019 Download
Preparation Provider Monthly Webinar July 2019 Download
Preparation Provider Monthly Webinar June 2019 Download
Preparation Provider Monthly Webinar May 2019 Download
Preparation Provider Monthly Webinar April 2019 Download

Program Approval

Assurances for Currently Approved Programs Download
Assurances for New Training Program Download
Innovative Model Request (Assurances) Download
Mentor Teacher and Content Leader Training Application Deadlines Download
Program Application Approval Portal How-To-Guide Download
Program Approval Guidelines for Initial Request and Innovative Proposal Deadlines Download
RFA Content Leader Training Download
RFA Mentor Teacher Training Download
Rubric for Innovative Model Request Download



Educator Research Consortium

Louisiana Educator Research Consortium Housing Institution RFA Download