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College Level Examination Program (CLEP-)
College Level Examination Program (CLEP-), College Level Examination Program (CLEP®) The College Board’s College Level, students an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of college-level materials in introductory subjects and earn college credit. Developed by the College Board, CLEP has been the most widely trusted credit-by-examination program for over 40 years, accepted by 2,900 colleges and universities, between 3 and 12 credits of college-level coursework before leaving high school, depending
Dual Enrollment
Policy Guidance 2018 Webinar Dual Enrollment Policy Update College Transition Courses Policy Guidance You Might Also Like College Level Examination Program (CLEP®) Dual Enrollment Dual enrollment is the simultaneous enrollment of a student at both high school and college in which the student receives credit on both their high school and college transcripts for the same course. Students may enroll in college courses at local technical, community and/or four-year colleges
Graduation Pathways
in Post-Secondary Education: Louisiana students are prepared for four-year colleges via college-prep, School and Career and College Readiness Data Financial Aid (FAFSA
Continuing Education Opportunities for Educators
programs available for teachers in Louisiana who are interested in taking free courses for college credit, for Teachers is a competitive program that allows teachers to enroll in courses at Louisiana colleges, of the participating college or university. STEM Fellows: To address the need for teachers certified, of Regents and allows teachers to enroll in courses with unused seats at colleges and universities after
Advanced Placement
with the TOPS core sequence. AP ensures students going to four-year colleges have taken a true college prep, to earn college credit by taking rigorous courses in high school. Students who demonstrate mastery, be eligible for college credit for the course. Research suggests that students who complete AP® coursework are: Better prepared for college-level work Stand-outs in the college admissions process More likely to continue beyond their freshman year in college More likely to graduate within
High School Performance
Results Download 2007-2008 State-District-School EOC Results Download College Level, Louisiana College Enrollment Reports - State Reports FileDownload 2016-2017 College Enrollment Report Download 2015-2016 College Enrollment Report Download 2014-2015 College Enrollment Report Download 2013-2014 College Enrollment Report Download 2012-2013 College Enrollment Report Download 2011-2012 College Enrollment Report
Individual Student Planning
Planning for College and Career Readiness College and Career planning resources and tools, . The College Board’s National Office for School Counselor Advocacy (NOSCA), has created guides for school counselors to create a comprehensive program of individual student planning for college, Graduation Pathways Louisiana minimum college admission requirements NCAA eligibility center
Financial Aid
(FAFSA), which can be used at four-year universities, two-year community colleges, and technical
and measure college and career readiness. EXPLORE Students in grades 8 and 9 take EXPLORE to aid, , American College Test, which also assesses the four core academic areas and serves as an indicator of college readiness. This test is widely used for college admission and is scored on a scale of 0 to 36
Parents - Students
in college and careers. Our goal is to empower you with information so you can decide the best education, ACT High School Diploma + Transcript Copies Find a College Financial Aid