Louisiana’s School Improvement Efforts

Vision for School Improvement

Louisiana students are just as smart and capable as any students in America. To ensure every student is able to achieve her potential, the Louisiana Department of Education developed a long-term plan focused on five priorities developed in partnership with school systems: early childhood, academic alignment, teacher and leader preparation, pathways to college or career, and school improvement.

To address the continued need for school improvement statewide, the Department:

  • Identifies struggling schools: Annual school performance scores are issued to identify struggling schools in need of improvement.

  • Approves and funds improvement plans: School systems develop, submit, and receive approval for annual improvement plans that are focused on proven strategies across the Department’s five priority areas, driven by the school system planning framework, and executed through a new application system, the ‘Super App.’

  • Supports plan implementation: School systems implement improvement plans with support from the Department, network teams, and education partners.

Key School Improvement Strategies:

  1. School System Planning and the Super App: In November 2018, LDOE launched the ‘Super App,’ which allows districts to access their federal formula and competitive dollars through one application, on one timeline. This application includes submission of strategies for struggling schools. Please visit School System Planning for more information.

  2. Transformation Zones: In Louisiana, four large districts have taken the bold step of creating a Transformation Zone—Caddo, Calcasieu, East Baton Rouge, and Jefferson—which allows them to focus resources, both human and financial, in their persistently struggling schools.  For more information, please refer to Transformation Zones.

  3. Recovery School District: In New Orleans and Baton Rouge, intervention by the Recovery School District (RSD) has yielded results for students. The RSD will continue to exist as an option for schools that continue to struggle despite plans for redesign or comprehensive school system improvement strategies. Involvement by the RSD can include mergers, closures, or transformation by a charter operator.