School-based Medicaid

Personal Care Services

Personal Care Services are medically necessary services provided to students in the school setting. This page provides information on documenting the services and the training for those services. Please reach out to with any questions.


Personal Care Service


General Personal Care Service Information

PCS Plan Template Download
PCS Service Documentation Plan Download


Personal Care Service Training Center

PCS Provider Assessment Documentation Download
PCS Provider Initial 14 day Assessment Download
PCS Student Specific Training Checklist Download
PCS Training Requirement Summary Sheet Download


Personal Care Services Training Documentation Forms

Blood Glucose Monitoring Download
Bowel and Bladder Training Program (prescribed) Download
Carbohydrate Counting Download
Catheterization Pre and Post Test Download
Clean Intermittent Catheterization Download
Diabetes Management Plan Download
Diabetes Overview (to be reviewed for all diabetes skills) Download
Diapering-Modified Diapering Download
Dysreflexia Alert Download
Gastrostomy Feeding Download
Glucagon Administration Download
Go Bag Download
Go Bag Checklist Download
Infection Control and Hand Washing Download
Infection Control Pre and Post Test Download
Insulin Administration Download
Insulin Pen Download
Insulin Pump Download
Ketone Testing Download
Lifting and Position Pre and Post Test Download
Lifting and Positioning Download
Medication Administration Download
Modified Oral and Dental Hygiene Download
Modified Toilet Training Download
Oral and Dental Hygiene, Oral Feeding and Gastrostomy Tube Feedings Pre and Post Test Download
Oral Feeding Download
Screening Guidelines Download
Suctioning - Nasal and Oral Technique Download
Trachcostomy Suctioning Download
Tracheostomy Emergency - Replacement of a Trachcostomy Tube Download
Vital Signs Download