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About EAGLE 2.0

EAGLE 2.0 is an online assessment tool that supports formative assessment in the classroom and can be used to aid and enhance student learning throughout the year. The system provides Louisiana teachers the ability to build online tests, assign them to students, and receive student and class performance reports on items aligned to state adopted standards.


Soaring to New Heights in 2016-2017

NOTICE: The EAGLE system will be unavailable beginning July 1.

EAGLE will begin transitioning to a new comprehensive, assessment delivery platform that is aligned with the platform currently used for annual, statewide testing.

What should I do to prepare for next year?

Since district- and school-level tests will no longer be available after the transition, users may print or save a hard copy of tests using the print functionality in EAGLE.

What content will live in the new platform?

While current EAGLE items (ELA, math, science, and social studies) will migrate to the new platform, a small percentage of items may be realigned or removed to ensure full alignment to the new Louisiana Student Standards.

When will the new system be available?

EAGLE content will be available in the new platform in September 2016.


As noted in the Data Sharing Agreement (section 4. Confidentiality) entered into by Pacific Metrics Corporation, the State, and your LEA in accordance with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. Section 1232(g), et seq., (FERPA) and R.S. 17:3914, Pacific Metrics will destroy all student data provided to them (by LEAs) for purpose of administering, scoring, and reporting on assessments administered through the state’s online formative assessment system (EAGLE). This notification is for LEAs who opted into this agreement, which will end on 6/30/2016.

Email assessment@la.gov with questions about the transition plan.

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UPDATE: EAGLE now supports Google Chrome for student users only!

The EAGLE District SIS Upload function can be used by district administrators to import teacher and student information into the system.

  • Click to here to download the instructions and course code appendix.
    Contact the EAGLE Help Desk  (1-866-552-5583) with questions about the upload process.

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