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About EAGLE 2.0

EAGLE 2.0 is an online assessment tool that supports formative assessment in the classroom and can be used to aid and enhance student learning throughout the year. The system provides Louisiana teachers the ability to build online tests, assign them to students, and receive student and class performance reports on items aligned to state adopted standards.


What's New?

EAGLE Update

Searching the EAGLE item bank just got a little easier. Teachers can easily identify new content added each month. Look for the NEW flag next to the item description to identify new items. New content was released for the month of February. Click here for a grade-level list of content released each month.
Don't forget! Teachers also have the option to print answer keys and student response sheets for the tests they build in EAGLE.

The EAGLE system provides teachers access to high quality assessment items for use in the classroom. The Department released hundreds of new items in ELA, math, science, and social studies that are aligned to our state assessments. The LDOE will continue to add new ELA and math items into the existing EAGLE bank to ensure students have access to quality items that measure whether they are meeting higher expectations. Click here for a list of items released each month.
The Department also examined existing items in EAGLE and removed a small number of content that no longer reflects the rigor of our state standards. All tests created prior to January 2015 should be reviewed by district and school users before administering to students to ensure they contain no misaligned items.
If district or school users need assistance with searching or finding additional items/item sets, please contact the Department or the EAGLE Help Desk for support.

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Designed to aid and enhance student learning throughout the year.
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The EAGLE District SIS Upload function can be used by district administrators to import teacher and student information into the system.

  • Click to here to download the instructions and course code appendix.
    Contact the EAGLE Help Desk  (1-866-552-5583) with questions about the upload process.

EAGLE Help Desk

Phone:  (866) 552-5583   Email: Help@louisianaEAGLE.org