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Policy, Funding, & Program Implementation

This section provides school leaders with current and historic resources essential to Jump Start program implementation.

Please contact with any questions about Jump Start implementation.

Jump Start Funding Resources

2016-2017 BESE approved TOPS-Tech Early Start Training Providers Download
2018 - 2019 CDF Funds by LEA (Districts only) Download
2018 Tops-Tech Early Start Training Providers Application Download
2018-2019 CDF End of Year Report Template Download
2018-2019 CDF Technical Assistance Review Report with Appendices Download
2018-2019 List of CDF-Qualifying Courses Download
2019 Jump Start Summers RFA Download
Jump Start 2018-2019 Funding Guidance Sheet Download
Jump Start 2018-2019 Guidelines for Use of CDF Allocation Download
TOPS-Tech Early Start Training Guidelines Download
TOPS-Tech Early Start Training Providers - Webinar Download


State Policy Guidelines & Bulletins



Louisiana High School Graduation Requirements

Jump Start Career Diploma Graduation Requirements Download
Louisiana Diploma Requirements 2015 Download
TOPS Core Weighted GPA Grid Download
TOPS Tech Course Requirements Download
TOPS University Course Requirements Download


Jump Start Credentials & Accountability

Carl Perkins Core Indicator Guidance Download
CATE for School Systems and Schools Download
IBC and Credential Submission Process Download
Jump Start Expanding Opportunities for Louisiana Students Download
LDE-NCCER Guidelines and Policies Document Download
NCCER - Craft Instructor Certification Guidance Download
NCCER Craft Instructor Webinar Download
NCCER School System Assurance Letter Download
NCCER Supervisor Webinar Download


Pre-Jump Start CTE Materials

2013-2014 Area of Concentration Guide (effective through Cohort 2017) Download
2018-2019 State Approved Skills Certificate Handbook Download
Education For Careers Facilitation Guide Download
Education For Careers I Curriculum Framework Download
Education For Careers II Curriculum Framework Download
Journey To Careers Curriculum Framework Download
Journey To Careers Facilitation Guide Download


Course Choice Provider Scheduling Tool Download