In preparation for possible emergency situations and in compliance with federal regulations the Department has developed the Statewide Childhood Emergency Plan and following resources. This plan and these resources are designed to support providers in their emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. As outlined in the Statewide Childhood Emergency Plan the Department will provide communications to advise providers and parents annually of the need for emergency preparedness and provide notices of emergency situations or impending emergency situations as they occur. These notices will be provided below and updated annually.
In the event of a hurricane or other disaster that produces widespread evacuation or extensive property damage, action may be needed to help ensure the safety of all individuals being cared for by providers. If a disaster occurs and the provider is located in one of the AFFECTED PARISHES, it may be necessary to suspend their license or certification WITHOUT NOTICE until the facility or home can be verified as safe to provide care. This may be accomplished by a required State Fire Marshall inspection, State Health inspection, on-site Licensing inspection and/or other agency-mandated procedure to ensure the safety of the adults and/or children in your care. The Provider’s license or certification would remain suspended until the facility is verified as safe. When the provider has remained open or is ready to reopen, the following form must be completed.

Reopening Form:

For questions contact Division of Licensing via email at ldelicensing@la.gov or by phone at 225-342-9905.

Emergency Notices:

Child Care Facility Tool Kit

  • Emergency Checklists